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By Lauren Serrato | May 10, 2021

During the first couple months of the coronavirus pandemic, approximately 22 million Americans lost their jobs. Among those U.S. workers was Jeanette Andrade, who she said she lost her job in March due to layoffs caused by the pandemic.

To make up for the lost income, Jeanette and her husband, Chris, bet on themselves and start their own fire-roasted corn business. In October 2020, the Andrade family opened Elote Fuego LLC.

As fans of elote, fire-roasted corn, Jeanette and Chris turned their favorite treat into a small family business.

“We love the taste. Our flavors are very different. We offer six different flavors, and we get compliments on every one. People love the flavors,” Jeanette says.

The notorious flavors consist of Mexican street style with paprika seasoning, savory lemon with lemon pepper, Louisiana style with Cajun seasoning, Texas style with barbecue seasoning, fuego style covered in Hot Cheetos and cinna-fuego with cinnamon toast crunch and butter.

All flavors, excluding the cinna-fuego, come with base ingredients of butter, lemon juice, mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and parsley flakes.

“We use gourmet-style ingredients, different from the Elote Man,” Jeanette says. “We also roast our corn in our roaster; we don’t boil it. We have received a lot of compliments on our corn and flavors. It’s something different that our customers are not used to and end up loving it and coming back for more.”

Customers have the option to order the fire-roasted corn on the cob or in an eight-ounce bowl.

The pop-up business is in various places throughout the West Valley. To find Elote Fuego’s location, look at the Street Food Finder app, which allows vendors to post their location online weeks in advance. The Andrades also post on the business’ social media accounts, @elotefuego, to update their customers.

A veteran-owned business, Elote Fuego is a leap of faith, and the couple is excited to see it grow.

Whether it be in a bowl or on the cob, the Andrades said their business provides their customers with a “one-of-a-kind fire-roasted corn experience” that they guarantee customers will enjoy.