University of Phoenix Stadium

Regular home of the Arizona Cardinals NFL team, the 1.7-million square foot University of Phoenix Stadium also occasionally hosts major sporting events like the Fiesta Bowl, Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four, various expos, major concerts and other shows like Monster Jam.

Finished in 2006, the stadium can hold up to 73,000 people, although 63,400 is the normal seating capacity.

Notable design features are the 10,000 metallic panels coating the exterior that reflect the desert sun and the massive 490,000 square foot retractable inclined roof. Twenty-one slits in the exterior allow visitors to view the desert landscape, while the air conditioning system provide 8,000 tons of cooling to keep temperatures manageable. The stadium also boasts 1,250 interior shade trees for those times the roof opens.

Equally impressive, the entire 94,000 square-foot natural grass playing field sits in a tray that can move the 740 feet between the interior and exterior of the stadium. Moving the playing field outside allows the grass to get sunlight and opens up the stadium floor for other events. UoP Stadium claims the distinction of possessing the only retractable field in the country.

Sports and architecture fans can take advantage of regular stadium tours. A tour costs $9 for adults, $7 for children 4-12 and seniors, and showcases areas like the Cardinals Hall of Fame, NFL Visiting Team Locker Room, TV & Radio Broadcast area and more. Tickets are available online through Ticketmaster.

Location: 1 Cardinals Drive, Glendale