Boba tea
Boba tea

By Andrea Estrada


Bobas, bubbles, pearls, tapioca balls. Whatever you call them, bobas are sweet, chewy, (usually black) tiny balls made of tapioca starch. These weightless, little orbs are added to milk-flavored teas to make boba tea – a Taiwanese beverage that has become quite popular all over, including here in the Valley.


Urban Boba Tea House

From its clean, white walls and simple, modern decor to its menu full of fresh-flavored boba drinks – like its mint peach lemonade – and mouth-watering appetizers including mac ‘n’ cheese bites, this tea house near ASU is not only the perfect place to capture an Instagram-worthy food selfie, but to chill, take a study break and enjoy a refreshing beverage with filling finger food.

1015 S. Rural Road, Tempe,


Pop ‘N Tea Bar

Located in Downtown Phoenix, California-inspired Pop ‘n Tea Bar ups the ante when it comes to boba spots. With menu items like “Avocado All the Way,” “Coco Bananza” and “Sun Devil Sweet Tea,” it truly is all about serving unique flavors. Not to mention, its one-of-a-kind Diamond Bar, a 3D popsicle – which complements every drink – comes in a number of savory flavors like sea salt caramel and NY strawberry cheesecake. You definitely won’t regret “popping in” to this tea bar.

550 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix,


Snoh Ice Shavery

Snoh – a cross between ice cream and shaved ice – makes a sweet pair with boba at Snoh Ice Shavery. With a wide selection of Snoh combos like “Mango Tango,” “Gotcha Matcha” and “Super Acaiyan,” there’s a fun, boba-topped flavor for everyone. For those craving a cool beverage, the shavery also offers an assortment of iced teas, slushies and milk teas including its most popular drink – Thai tea – which is made from Chai Thai tea leaves imported from Thailand.

801 N. 2nd Street, Phoenix,


Kung Fu Tea

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic boba drink, or you’re feeling spontaneous and want to try something new, Kung Fu Tea will certainly have your cup of tea (pun intended). Located in Downtown Tempe, this boba shop is full of good vibes and even better beverages. From punches to slushies and milk teas, its product are made with authentic ingredients – like tea leaves – all following an intricate brewing process.

425 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe,    


The Street

Boba and noodles make an epic pairing at The Street. From sweet smoothies, refreshing teas and creamy shaved ice to spicy ramen, this tea cafe will satisfy all of your cravings. Aside from its delicious menu, The Street offers an enjoyable environment perfect for hanging out with your friends. Its graffiti-covered walls and striking street art call for hip vibes and the perfect Instagrammable setting. Oh, and make sure to bring along a Sharpie and add to the art!

1116 S. Dobson Road, Mesa,


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