It’s ‘Time’: Morris Day is breathing new life into his music |
It’s ‘Time’: Morris Day is breathing new life into his music

It’s ‘Time’: Morris Day is breathing new life into his music

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By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | August 27, 2021

Legendary singer-songwriter Morris Day decided during the pandemic it was time for new music.

The latest single is “Headrush,” featuring Trinidad James.

“We got excited and put that out,” says Day, whose band The Time is best known for its song “Jungle Love.”

“We have a lot of collaborations with performers like Trinidad James and Flo Rida. People are still coming in to do features with us. We recorded a lot of songs. We’re putting a project together that’s coming out soon. It’s not on any release schedule yet. We’re taking our time, so we know it’s right.”

Day says the music has refreshed his career and his motivation.

“I was just in the mode of doing shows and that was pretty consistent,” says Day, who recently released “Babylove” with Jerome and The Roots from “Jam and Lewis Vol. One.”

“I was comfortable doing that. I wasn’t working on my creative side. Then COVID comes along. That shook me up and kicked me into a creative mode.”

Day and The Time will perform the new song when they hit the revolving stage at the Celebrity Theatre on Saturday, September 4. Morris Day and The Time celebrated their 40th anniversary on July 31.

“The show is going to be the same,” Day says. “It’s going to be energetic. I’m going to be up there looking good and cool and doing what we do.”

Day says many artists have come forward to collaborate with him. He finds that flattering, as well as the label “legendary.”

“I feel like somehow I paved the way,” he says. “I can see where certain people like Bruno Mars have been watching us. It’s definitely flattering.”

Music has been in Day’s blood since a child, but he didn’t necessarily want to be a bandleader.

“I was just born to do it,” he says. “I know that because I’ve been lovin’ music from the day I entered in the world. I wasn’t originally going to be a lead singer. I always wanted to be a drummer.

“Somehow, I ended up in front and that’s destiny. When I was a drummer, our percussionist would play the drums while I sang a song or two. Then I’d go back behind my security blanket.”

The “security blanket” could have been quickly removed. At one of its first show in Flint, Michigan, there was an overwhelming response.

“I started the show with my back to the crowd back then,” he recalls. “I was directing the band. The curtain opened and we started. I heard this screaming. I had never heard that before. I turned, came out of character, and looked at the crowd. That was the first time for that. That was cool.”

Morris Day and The Time

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, September 4

Where: Celebrity Theatre, 440 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix

Cost: Tickets start at $40