Solar Sun Rings heat your pool using the power of the sun.

It’s pool season here in the East Valley. So, whether you’re buying a new home equipped with a pool, having one constructed or upgrading a pool, there are many technological advances to make your pool smarter.

Smart monitoring

Taking care of a pool and hot tub can be time consuming, but new technology can make it a little easier. pHin offers a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor and a mobile phone app to take away the guesswork when it comes to balancing water quality. The monitor continuously checks your pool or hot tub water chemistry and temperature and notifies your phone when you need to balance your chemicals. Once notified, you add pHin’s pre-measured, single-dose, color-coded pods or get dosing instructions to use it with your own chemicals. The company also offers a one-touch pool service with a network of pre-qualified pool technicians with pre-negotiated pricing, if needed.

pHin offers a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor.

Sutro is another company that offers a drop-in monitor with a smartphone application. The Sutro Smart Monitor can measure pH, free chlorine and alkalinity. The device stays on 24/7 and can predict your water chemistry. The Sutro app tracks your chemical inventory and can automatically order more to restock. It also tracks how your pool is doing from historical testing and chemical dosage information and spot trends and issues before they happen.

Smart heating

Solar heating extends the swimming season, cuts down on chemicals needed and lowers or eliminates the cost of heating a pool. Tempe-based AquaScience does this via solar panels to harness the thermal energy of the sun. The company said there are no monthly costs after the solar collectors are installed.

Don’t want to invest in solar panels? Solar Sun Rings are made from two sheets of heavyweight, ultraviolet resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue colored lower layer. The blue layer absorbs about 50 percent of the sunlight and converts it to heat. The balance of the sunlight can pass through for deep water heating. You simply place the rings on top of the water in your pool when you need them.

Smart lighting

Lights are lights, right? Not necessarily. IntelliBrite lights from PentAir offers LED color-changing lights that can change speeds and hues. The lights work with the company’s IntelliTouch or EasyTouch Control Systems and can be controlled via a smart device.

Smart cleaning

What if you didn’t have to use all those different pool chemicals? The SpectraLight Ultraviolet Pool System harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to lower chemical levels, eliminate chlorine byproducts, and claims to make pools safe, healthy and easier to manage. The ultraviolet system destroys more than 99.5 percent of pathogens that may enter your pool and lowers chemical demand up to 90 percent, said the company’s website.

Smart detection

Coral Detection Systems watches pools

Pool safety is important, especially if there are young children or pets around. The Coral Manta from Coral Detection Systems, watches the pool 24/7 with its built-in underwater video camera, using computer vision and artificial intelligence technology. The company said the Coral Manta was programmed to detect people in the pool, as well as their position and motion. Using this technology, it constantly analyzes the real-time video it captures from the underwater camera and whenever it identifies a near-drowning event it generates an alarm to all household members smartphone or tablet.

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