By Annika Tomlin

Junk in the Trunk Market is back and ready for business with its new Holiday Pop-Up at Scottsdale Quarter from November 1 to December 27.

Since 2011, Coley Arnold and Lindsey Holt have been running a vintage and antiques market every year, their first one in a friend’s backyard in September of that year. Over the years the women moved their market to WestWorld of Scottsdale, attracting more than 200,000 shoppers.

“(The Holiday Pop-Up) is actually something that we talked about doing for a really long time,” Arnold says. “When COVID-19 hit, a lot of our vendors were impacted and were not able to make an income these last six months because all of our shows have been canceled. We really wanted to come up with a solution for them and give them the opportunity to make some money this year. Also, I know a lot of our shoppers were really sad about the market.”

When it came time to decide where they wanted to host this new Holiday Pop-Up, Scottsdale was the answer.

“We know that Scottsdale has always been a big gathering place for us,” Holt says. “That’s where our markets have been for nine years. That’s been our home, so we wanted to keep doing something there for sure.”

The ladies of Junk in the Trunk have had to cancel two markets this year because of COVID-19 and one in San Diego last year prior to the pandemic.

“I think for us basically we had to reevaluate our entire business because every market we had planned for the last year has basically been canceled,” Holt says. “We really had to reevaluate everything in trying to come up with a way to help our vendors to provide.”

Holt considers their vendors “family.”

“They have become our family, and we wanted to be able to find a way to help them and also provide for their families, because not only was it a loss of income for us, but it was a loss of income for all of them.”

During COVID-19, the ladies have completed other ventures, including opening a small boutique shop and restaurant in Phoenix called The Vintage Arcadia and offering an online space for their vendors.

“We launched an online marketplace in April, and we have, I think, over 90 vendors on there,” Holt says. “Even though we weren’t able to all gather in person together with our vendors and with our shoppers, it’s still been a fun way for us to kind of all be together and a fun way for our shoppers to still be able to shop from all of our amazing vendors.”

While the majority of the vendors are from Arizona and California, the online marketplace features makers from around the country.

As for the Holiday Pop-Up, the organizers spoke to the Scottsdale Quarter in April to plan it. The store, which has free admission, will be open Tuesday to Sunday, allowing the 40 vendors to restock on Monday.

“The inventory will be constantly changing,” Arnold says. “The vendors will be constantly restocking until it will be kind of like a new store every time that you come in, which will be really fun.

“These vendors will have a storefront in a really high-end mall where most of them wouldn’t be able to afford it normally. “

One of the staple features of the markets—the photo backdrop—will make an appearance at the pop-up, along with an equally decorative storefront.

“We are trying to bring the market to this pop-up shop and just make it a mini version,” Arnold says. “All of the favorite things, like the photo backdrop, music and shopping, will be there. We’re bringing a little bit of everything that people know and love about the market.”

Junk in the Trunk presents The Market at Scottsdale Quarter, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. Sunday through December 27, Scottsdale Quarter, 15059 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite H 1-180, Scottsdale,