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By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | February 15, 2021

Actor Dean Cain and JCFilm Studios’ Jason Campbell are on a conference call, bouncing thoughts off each other.

Cain tells jokes, while Campbell is the straight man. But there’s a common mission between the two: telling stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told.

Campbell is opening a headquarters for his Christian film studio at 405 W. Southern Avenue, Tempe, on Saturday, February 20. Cain will serve as the master of ceremonies for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m.

“We want people of faith to get together and say, ‘Let’s start making some pro-family and pro-life conservative content,” Campbell says.

Cain adds, “Everybody has a story. Everything comes down to, ‘Do you care about the characters and their plight?’ Everybody’s story is relevant. For me, the stories are important. If this guy has a book, it’s his whole life. It means everything to him or her.

“If the story’s great, I’m going to say yes to making the film. These films wouldn’t get made in the major studio system. I’ve been on almost every size set on the planet. It all comes down to stories.”

One of those films is 2019’s “Jack Jonah.” Based on a true story, “Jack Jonah” follows the path of the Jonah family after they lost their son, Jack, to an accidental heroin overdose. Cain led the cast in the multiplot drama uncovering the deadly drug culture in Western Massachusetts.

Cain is also slated to star in the pro-law enforcement film, “Break Every Chain,” which is based on the 2018 book, “Break Every Chain: A Police Officer’s Battle with Alcoholism, Depression and Devastating Loss; and the True Story of How God Changed His Life Forever.” This project is important to Cain, who is a police reserve officer in St. Anthony, Idaho, and a sheriff’s deputy in Frederick County, Virginia.

“This one has a special place for me,” Cain says. “It’s amazing and incredibly personal.

“Our law enforcement, our firefighters, nurses and ER doctors don’t get enough credit. I’m also a huge supporter of our military. I’ve traveled all over the world with them.”

JCFilm Studios was created by Campbell and former “CHiPs” actor Erik Estrada.

“Erik did ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ before he was Ponch (on ‘CHiPs’),” Campbell says. “They made the film and went to churches to show it. We started touring our films and the community tells us their ideas for films. JCFilms wants to change the culture for good.”

Under Campbell’s direction, the goal is to write, cast and produce films for Christian ministries and nonprofit organizations to aid in dispersing and supporting their messages.

“JCFilms was established to make movies with strong Christian viewpoints,” Campbell says. “We focus on films that not only entertain but make an impact on the viewers’ lives. This company strives to make films that both educate and provoke thought with the goal of continuing the culture of Christian values.”

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