Scenery, sports, sunshine – the reasons to live in Phoenix are many. But if you need one more to seal the sentiment, consider the Valley’s living standards by salary.

A recent roundup of earnings needed to buy a home in 27 metro areas puts Phoenix among the cities where you can still afford to buy a median-priced home while earning less than $50,000 a year.

According to the study by mortgage information website, in the current housing climate a buyer seeking to purchase $221,000 home in the Phoenix metro area still only need earn a salary of $43,937.76 to call that purchase “home sweet home.”

That’s with the current mortgage rate at 4.03 percent and an estimated 30-year fixed monthly mortgage payment of $1,025.21.

That fourth quarter salary estimate, according to, actually reflects a slight increase of about $101 from the third quarter of 2015. also notes that the required salary figure would actually increase by $7,664 if a buyer was to put 10 percent down on a home purchase instead of 20 percent.

Potential home buyers should also be aware that a good credit score will be necessary to secure a low mortgage rate.

On opposite ends of the salary spectrum where Phoenix falls somewhere in the middle are Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

According to, to buy a home in Pittsburgh, where the median home price is about $128,000, you would have to earn a salary of about $31,134.50 using the same parameters used to compile its list.

Buying a home in San Francisco, meantime, is going to require a six-digit income. With the median home price in the Bay City at a whopping $781,600, you’ll need to earn approximately $147,996.19 a year to buy an address there.

The national median home price is $222,700, which puts Phoenix home prices almost on par with the national average. The national average for salary needed to claim such a purchase is $51,114.62.

Here is a rundown of the salary needed for each of the 27 metros studied for

City Salary
Pittsburgh $31,134.50
Cleveland $32,523.47
Cincinnati $33,967.01
St. Louis $34,777.53
Detroit $36,914.56
Atlanta $37,551.08
Tampa, Fla. $41,922.58
Phoenix $43,937.76
San Antonio $46,974.78
Orlando, Fla. $47,810.81
Minneapolis $50,250.68
Philadelphia $51,622.40
Dallas $51,806.01
Houston $52,163.93
Baltimore $52,864.57
Chicago $57,982.85
Sacramento, Calif. $62,143.45
Miami $63,048.07
Portland $65,917.47
Denver $68,436.22
Seattle $78,424.93
Washington $78,625.71
Boston $83,151.43
New York $86,770.19
Los Angeles $95,040.20
San Diego $103,164.96
San Francisco $147,996.19


– Suzanne Wilson,