By Madison Rutherford


The definition of success depends on who you ask, but almost all successful people have a story to tell about the twists and turns on their way to the top. Below, you’ll find four places to tune in to the success stories of entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians and other movers and shakers, interviewed by business trailblazers who got their start in the Valley of the Sun. Their stories are so powerful, they may even inspire you to start your own podcast — or your own business!

Relentless Mentality

The Scoop: Justin Bayless is an Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners member and the president and CEO of Bayless Integrated Healthcare, which has multiple locations throughout the Valley. With his own relentless mentality, Bayless has pioneered a proprietary healthcare system that prioritizes both the body and mind. His podcast, Relentless Mentality, features interviews with change agents, leaders and icons about their dogged pursuit of success in their respective fields. “I believe relentless is an ethos; you’re not stopping until you get what you want, you’re not taking no for an answer, no obstacle will deter you from your goals,” Bayless says. “Relentless Mentality is where we get to tap into the mindset of change agents, leaders and icons. My hope is that their stories will inspire and motivate others to transform their mentality in their profession, their personal life and ultimately their communities.” For Bayless, having a relentless mentality means an unwavering desire to challenge the status quo. Before he launched the podcast in May, Bayless says he studied the work of successful speakers such as Gary Lee, Larry King and David Letterman. Bayless’ is a charismatic conversationalist with a powerful message. Tune into his podcast to get inspired to pursue your own relentless mentality.

Special Guests: Though Bayless’ background is in the healthcare field, he says he’s “been blessed to know a lot of people” who are excelling in other industries as well. On his podcast, Bayless has picked the brains of everyone from healthcare professionals to politicians to pro athletes, including NBA luminary Jason Kidd, Arizona Medicaid director Tom Betlach, State Representative Reginald Bolding and Adelante Healthcare CEO Dr. Avein Saaty-Tafoya.

Stay Tuned: Bayless’ bi-weekly podcast is available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher and YouTube.

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Journey to 7 Figures

The Scoop: Jeremy Ellens believes failures are just as important as successes. That’s why the Lead Quizzes co-founder started Journey to 7 Figures, a podcast that analyzes both the strategies and mistakes made by successful business leaders to get their brand to the million-dollar mark. Tune in to this podcast if you’ve always wondered what it takes to make it to the top; the folks featured on Journey to 7 Figures prove that it’s a delicate blend of breakthroughs and breakdowns, told through encouraging tales of resolve and resilience.

Special Guests: We dare you not to click on episode titles like “How a Health Blogger Launched a Multimillion-Dollar Skincare Line,” “Went From Drug Overdose to a $1.2M Business With 90% Profit” or “How Veronique James Went From $250k in Debt to Building a $4M Agency.” Ellens also talks to entrepreneur Jayson Gaignard about whether seven figures equals more happiness and Samantha Meis about starting a coffee subscription business as a full-time college student.

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The G.O.A.T Show

The Scoop: No, this podcast doesn’t feature furry, horned animals that live in the mountains. In this case, “G.O.A.T” refers to “Greatest Of All Time,” and that’s exactly who local digital marketing maven Mike Arce interviews in his business, leadership and personal development podcast, The G.O.A.T Show. Each episode spotlights a special guest who is “No. 1 at what they do,” which includes things like sales, scaling businesses, overcoming insecurities, building a following on social media and equally as important, “focusing on one thing.” Each episode on his website includes a bio of that day’s guest, an outline of what you’ll learn and a list of links to resources, people, places and concepts that are mentioned in the discussion, so it’s obvious Arce is dedicated to his craft. “Everyone wants to be great, but only a few actually get there,” Arce says. His goal is to determine what all the greats have in common. Each episode is like a tiny TED Talk, aimed to inspire people to push boundaries and be No. 1 at what they do.

Special Guests: Arce has spoken with World Financial Group agency chairman and peak performance pundit Ed Mylett (“the G.O.A.T of building champions”), bestselling author and fellow podcast host Lewis Howes (“the G.O.A.T of inspiring greatness”), Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington (“the G.O.A.T of the infomercial”), violinist and keynote speaker Roddy Chong (“the G.O.A.T of creating standing ovations”) and a coterie of other inspiring individuals.

Stay Tuned: Catch The G.O.A.T Show live every Tuesday on Facebook. Episodes can also be streamed on YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

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The Russ Perry Show

The Scoop: For Russ Perry, the path of sobriety was the path to success. Now, the author and entrepreneur talks about getting sober and how it drastically changed all aspects of his life, from his successful, on-demand graphic design startup, Design Pickle, to his roles as a father and husband. His episodes offer business advice, anecdotes about addiction and discussions about gratitude, goals, connection, branding, decision-making, values and beyond. In his weekly podcast, Perry dives into how he discovered “an unfair advantage at all areas of life: body, being, balance and business” and “why sober equals success.”

Special Guests: Perry started out by sitting in front of his camera and spitting some truth about sobriety and startups, but for the new season of The Russ Perry Show, he has teamed up with other inspiring speakers, podcasters, artists and entrepreneurs like Nick Long, John Lee Dumas and Chase Jarvis.

Stay Tuned: The Russ Perry Show streams live every Tuesday on Facebook. You can also find episodes on iTunes and YouTube.

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