Planting a Seed: We Came As Romans rediscover its first album on tour |
Planting a Seed: We Came As Romans rediscover its first album on...

Planting a Seed: We Came As Romans rediscover its first album on tour

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By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | October 12, 2021

The Detroit-based metalcore outfit We Came As Romans is leading fans back to its first album, “To Plant a Seed,” on its twice-postponed tour.

The jaunt was meant to celebrate the album’s 10-year anniversary, but it was abbreviated when the pandemic was declared.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to have our tour canceled,” says vocalist Dave Stephens. “There were months of work and a lot of money that went into making that tour happen, and we took a huge loss on the cancellation of that tour.”

After the initial tour was postponed, Stephens admits he and his bandmates were inconsolable.

“We were so excited about making the tour happen and we were so distraught when it got shut down,” he says. “I think I was in a rut for a few weeks when I got home, and the uncertainty added to it as well.”

We Came As Romans tried to reschedule its tour for last spring, but that fizzled out. Now that there is clearer guidance and policies, We Came as Romans is excited to pick up where it left off and give its inaugural album a proper celebration.

“We know it’s a really fragile thing, but it’s something that we really want to do,” Stephens says. “We understand the risks, but we think that the reward outweighs the risk.”

Even though “To Plant a Seed” was released 12 years ago, Stephens is blown away by the continuing adoration of the album.

“It’s crazy how those songs were written so long ago, but fans still care about them,” he says. “When we went out on this tour the last time, I was a little unsure of how it would feel to play these songs again.”

It turned out to be fun, especially the songs “I Will Not Reap Destruction” and “Intentions.”

“The first week of shows we played were so much fun and the fans loved seeing these songs get brought back to life,” Stephens says. “It was almost as refreshing as playing new music by bringing those songs back.

“(I Will Not Reap Destruction) just sits well in my voice, which is funny, because when we wrote the album, we wrote it with the idea of five people singing every song. Now that it’s just me, I feel it suits my vocal style better,” he says.

“Intentions” provides Stephens with one of his favorite memories.

“There’s a moment (in the song) where I will get into the lyrics ‘for nothing we are without,’ then the band will cut and the crowd will yell ‘brotherhood’ and it’s just deafening,” he exclaims.

The total run time for “To Plant a Seed” is about 40 minutes, leaving another 50 minutes for the band to fill with new and classic songs.

While Stephens is excited to revisit We Came As Roman’s first record, he is excited to give the band’s three new singles exposure. That includes “Black Hole,” which features Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo as a guest vocalist.

“I’m most excited to play some new stuff,” he says. “New songs are always so refreshing and fun. Plus, I really like how our new music feels live.

“The new songs have been going over super well. ‘Darkbloom’ came out and it took off more than any of the music we’ve released in recent history. I knew that ‘Black Hole’ would be a banger and would do well, but it’s doing even better than I thought.”

Regardless of what he’s playing, Stephens is happy to be back “home.”

“As cliche as it sounds, my favorite part of touring is being on stage,” he says. “When you get up on stage, it doesn’t matter what kind of day you had or where you are — the moment you get on stage is the beginning of an hour and a half of euphoria.”

We Came As Romans w/The Devil Wears Prada, Dayseeker and Holly Front

When: 7 p.m. Friday, October 15

Where: The Nile Theater, 105 W. Main Street, Mesa

Cost: $25