bulk trash for collection at roadside

You finally decided to bid a fond farewell to that ratty old couch, recliner, mattress, appliance or other bulk trash household item. However, it clearly won’t fit in your standard garbage can and you probably don’t want to borrow or rent a truck to haul it over to the local landfill (or maybe you own a truck but don’t want the hassle).

Fortunately, most Valley cities offer bulk trash collection. This allows you to throw your larger unwanted items outside and let someone else haul them off. Convenient!

Of course, before you start throwing junk on the curb, you need to know when your city collects, what it collects and how much it will cost you. We rounded up the basic information for you, and included links for more details.


Chandler provides free bulk trash collection for residents who already pay for solid waste collection. Pickups can happen up to every six weeks per residence, but you must call 480-782-3510 to schedule a pickup — the city doesn’t schedule pickups through email or third parties. You can also call that number for disposal alternatives if you don’t pay for solid waste collection.

Note that when you schedule a pickup, you must tell the city what items are involved so it sends the correct collection truck. Approved items for collection include flattened cardboard, bagged yard waste, appliances (there will be a $10 Freon removal fee for refrigerators, air-conditioning units, etc.) and small electronics, including computers, TVs and monitors. Do not dispose of building materials, car parts, dirt, or hazardous items.

Be aware that you can’t put out any items until you schedule a pickup, otherwise you could receive a fine.

More info: www.chandleraz.gov


Gilbert offers free monthly bulk trash collection. Accepted items include furniture, mattresses, yard waste, large glass (properly packaged), TVs and dishwashers. The city doesn’t collect other major appliances — check out the Appliance Recycling Program instead — construction materials or remodeling debris, car parts, hazardous waste or cardboard.

If your bulk pile ends up larger than allowed, you can request a special paid pickup. The city can also rent you 10, 20 and 40 cubic-yard roll-off containers for remodeling debris, landscaping projects and other large jobs.

Bulk trash can be placed outside no earlier than Saturday before the scheduled pickup week and no later than 5 a.m. Monday of the scheduled week. You can see the schedule here.

More info: www.gilbertaz.gov


Glendale offers free monthly bulk trash collection for single-family dwellings. Duplexes and multi-family residences can also receive pickup, but the city does charge. Item should be placed outside no sooner than 6 p.m. of the prior Thursday and no later than 6 a.m. on Monday of the collection week.

Approved items include furniture, some yard waste, appliances and properly packaged glass. Everything needs to be piled by type. Things you can’t leave out include hazardous materials, Styrofoam, fiberglass and certain types of landscaping debris.

More info: www.glendaleaz.com


While Mesa offers bulk collection, you need to schedule it in advance through the online form, or call (480) 644-6789. There will be an extra pickup fee on top of your usual collection fee and the fee varies based on how much trash needs collecting.

Approved items include furniture, mattresses, yard waste, bicycles, TVs, barbecues and other similar items. Appliances, including microwaves, are not allowed; for those you need to use the alternative Appliance Recycling Program. You also can’t dispose of construction materials, tires or hazardous materials.

Items can be placed outside after 6 p.m. on the day before collection. Collection day is Monday or Tuesday depending on your area. If you need to cancel a pickup, the city requires notice at least 24 hours in advance.

More info: www.mesaaz.gov


In 2016, Peoria upped its free Bulk Trash Clean-Up Program to twice per year. Approved items for collection include appliances, furniture, yard waste, and wood fencing or panels. You can’t leave out hazardous waste, glass, construction materials or auto parts.

Trash items must be place outside by 6 a.m. of the pickup date. Pay attention to dates and placement rules because bringing the city back out after a failed pickup starts at $25.

More info: www.peoriaaz.gov


The City of Phoenix offers free bulk trash collection in your neighborhood up to four times a year. Bulk trash includes furniture, appliances (except those that contain refrigerants), yard waste and car parts within certain sizes and weights. Things you can’t throw out are car tires, anything glass, building or remodeling materials, or hazardous waste.

Pickup times rotate throughout the city, so you need to look at the schedule to see when the next pickup will occur in your neighborhood. You may place your bulk trash outside up to 9 days before pickup, but be sure to look closely at the placement rules so you don’t get a fine.

More info: www.phoenix.gov


The city of Scottsdale provides monthly bulk trash pickup service. The pickup costs nothing, as long as you already pay for residential collection services. Trash items can include furniture, mattresses, bagged yard waste, and appliances (with refrigerants removed). Don’t include glass, construction material or hazardous home materials.

All trash needs to be placed outside by 5 a.m. Monday of the week collection begins. Of course, you can put it out up to 9 days before that Monday. Pickup locations rotate, so you need to look at the collection schedule.

More info: www.scottsdaleaz.gov


For bulk items, Surprise offers free pickups; just call 623-222-6000 to schedule one. Each pickup can take a maximum of 10 cubic yards — approximately an amount a standard pickup truck can haul — and each household can dump up to 20 cubic yards a year.

Allowed items include furniture, yard debris, small car parts and appliances. The city doesn’t accept building materials, hazardous materials or glass.

More info: www.surpriseaz.gov


The city of Tempe offers two bulk collection programs. The first, called Mixed Bulk Trash, happens every other month and accepts furniture, non-Freon appliances, yard waste and green organic material. It doesn’t take Freon appliances, hazardous materials, construction or remodeling waste, or tires.

The other program, called Green Organics, occurs three times a year and exclusively takes yard waste — excluding grass, palm fronds and oleanders. Unlike bulk trash, which goes to the landfill, Green Organics waste goes to a composting facility.

You can check the pickup schedule for both Mixed Bulk Trash and Green Organics here. Pickups are available at other times, but you will incur a fee. You can place items outside up to 10 days before the Monday of a scheduled pickup week, but no later than 6 a.m. on that Monday.

More info: www.tempe.gov

– Justin Ferris, Phoenix.org