By Olive Dawson

Let’s face it: Phoenix is fashionable. Not just with our clothing, hairstyles, and restaurants, but also in the way we decorate our homes. Since 2018 was so last year, it’s time to spice things up. How about adding a splash of living coral, to the inside and outside of your home? Here are five ways the Pantone Color of the Year can refresh your home. 

On A Gallery Wall

Whether your gallery wall is along a long hallway or a focal point of a family room, you can easily use the Living Coral color to freshen it up. A coat of fresh paint along the hallway would add a smooth touch. Don’t feel like painting? Consider adding coral flowers or accessories to the gallery wall. Other options include switching out a few picture frames with living coral colored replacements to highlight your favorite photos. Doing so can also add life to those pictures that you may have forgotten about over the past few years.


Adding Phoenix area native plants to the interior parts of your home infuses a double dose of life and vibrancy to any room. There are many beautiful plants to choose from that come in coral colored tones. Place a pot of ‘Coral Sunset’ peonies on a side table or entryway to brighten up the area. A bathroom is an excellent spot for single coral blooms like the ‘Bishop’s Children’ Dahlia in a clear glass vase. Diascia ‘Sun Chimes Coral’ in a window box brightens up any room. Don’t stop there. Add a touch of living coral to your front walkway with more Dahlia or colored stepping stones and potted plants.

In New Textiles

Sometimes a room needs an entirely different color scheme. A beautiful bedspread in Living Coral could brighten up a master bedroom immediately. Other options include pillows, throws, or curtains that incorporate this soothing coral color into an existing color scheme. You don’t have to add a solid color fabric to your home. A pillow with a slight hint of coral will go a long way in refreshing your home’s overall look.

In the Kitchen

There are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from. How about some living coral dish towels? Consider a new fruit bowl or even pull out some Fiestaware in a coral tone to serve your favorite mixed drink or dessert. Just a few items could make an old, tired kitchen look like new again.

Accent Furniture

The Pantone Color of the Year is already a hot color in the furniture and home interiors industry. This coral tone bodes well with other favorite colors like turquoise and teal. Consider adding a living coral accent chair to a forgotten corner. Other options include adding a side table next to a living room couch or even a small chair to a child’s bedroom. Living Coral is a softer hue that won’t look out of place or awkward.

Want your home to be the most stylish one in the neighborhood?. Consider these five ways the Pantone color of the year can refresh your home.


Olive Dawson is a gardening and landscape writer for Wikilawn. She is always searching for new ways to reduce waste and grow food organically. She is most proud of her homemade beauty products.