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By Allison Brown | October 16, 2021

Momma’s Organic Market has brought local goods to its third location, Cabela’s parking lot, Sundays through May.

“We’re so excited to be partnering with a large business like Cabela’s that is supporting our homegrown list of vendors,” says Christa Esquibel, owner of the market’s organizer, Get Local Arizona Events. “Our markets have evolved so much over the past few years, and we’re lucky to be able to continue serving the community in the West Valley.”

This isn’t your typical weekend farmers market. While it does have the fresh produce from local farms, this market has more than 100 vendors. The Glendale farmers market has produce, food trucks, food vendors, activities and artisans that change weekly, so there’s always something new to enjoy.

“We have fresh produce, fresh baked bread, eggs, all-natural meats, different dips, desserts and sweet food,” Esquibel says. “We also have some local artisans and crafters, kids’ activities like the Little Toot Barrel Train, and henna and glitter tattoos. Then, we typically have music going on as well.”

Get Local Arizona Events has been organizing farmers markets for 14 years, and the Glendale event is the largest Sunday market it has had so far. Esquibel says multiple team members help run it.

During a time when grocery shopping has become as simple as a few clicks online and community gatherings are few and far between, the market brings the residents together by offering a peaceful day out or fun excursion with family, friends or neighbors. It is open to the public every Sunday with free admission, and all vendors and food trucks accept cash and credit/debit cards.

“It’s kind of nice to be able to still get out in the community and be around like-minded people, get fresh air, shop outside and just meet people or bring your dog out for a walk,” Esquibel says. “It’s just a different experience than just your typical grocery store.”

Because it’s outdoors, the farmers market is more COVID-19 friendly than a local grocery store, too. Not only that, but supporting local businesses is important after the turbulent year and a half with the pandemic. Local businesses are the backbone of the community. They provide tax revenue for the city, create job openings and show off local flair and charm.

“It’s important to support small businesses, because the money you spend at small businesses directly generates within your community and helps your community as a whole,” Esquibel says.

“When you buy it at some of these big chain stores or box stores, that money doesn’t necessarily go back into your community, at least not even close to the percentage as it does a lot of small businesses. And, of course, I don’t think that Walmart or Fry’s is going to notice if 100 people go shop somewhere else, but a small business would notice if 100 people shopped with them and it would be a huge boost for them.”

Get Local Arizona Events has two other farmers markets at Arrowhead and in Sun City. It has been working to open the Glendale location for about a year, according to Esquibel. She said the organization has been in contact with Cabela’s for a couple of years now, but things stopped when COVID-19 hit.