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By Kristen Apolline Castillo | April 26, 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, live entertainment hit a brick wall. Now, a year later, organizations have found ways to fundraise and continue their work virtually.

Like many businesses and organizations in the Valley, Ballet Arizona struggled to find ways to adjust to the pandemic’s reality, other than rescheduling shows.

However, the dance company has held online fundraising campaigns and digital and small group in-person performances to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, says Charlotte Rheingold, Contemporary Council member and Ballet Barre Young Professionals committee chair.

To continue its community engagement, Ballet Arizona’s Contemporary Council will host a virtual cocktail workshop in collaboration with Iconic Cocktail Co. from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 29. Proceeds support Ballet Arizona’s dancers, staff and community engagement events during the pandemic.

“It’s just a really nice way to support the ballet and then have fun at the same time,” Rheingold says.

“We’re really trying to connect with people and show them the amazing work that Ballet Arizona does, like the quality of shows, the costumes and just the dancers themselves. They’re very talented.”

Admission is a $50 donation. With this payment, donors receive access to the virtual workshop, ingredients to make four servings of cocktails, and a recipe card for the tutorial.

Additionally, attendees have the option to sponsor the admission of Ballet Arizona’s dancers. The price is also $50 and includes admission to the class and a complete kit for cocktails for one dancer.

“They work extremely hard, as you can imagine, so we’re really excited to include them in the event,” Rheingold says. “A lot of them are young and also are looking to network for potential career opportunities after their dance careers. Of course, it’s just fun to socialize with them. They spend a lot of time with each other, and we’re always excited to interact with them as well.”

Phoenix-based Iconic Cocktail Co. crafts its own cocktail mixers. Representatives will teach attendees how to make a Moscow mule with a twist using the ingredients provided in the cocktail kit.

“The cocktail-mixing aspect is really exciting,” Rheingold says. “Iconic Cocktail makes its own mixer, so I’m very excited to taste them. There are these special recipes that they have, and I’m just curious to see what they taste like and how they use them and how they sort of apply them, if you will.”

After the lesson, participants will be placed into random virtual breakout rooms to chat with each other and Ballet Arizona dancers. Though this event is targeted at young professionals in the dance industry, fans and supporters are welcome to mingle with other attendees and dancers.

“I think this is just a great opportunity to learn more about the ballet if you’re not actively involved,” says Serena Remy, Contemporary Council member.

“We will cover a bit about Ballet Arizona and the amazing work that they do at the beginning of the cocktail class and then, of course, it’s a great time to have fun and support local business and the ballet at the same time.”

Ballet Arizona Fundraiser: Cocktail Class

When: 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 29

Cost: $50 donation