Mirror Maze
Mirror Maze

By Ally Richmond


This summer, the Arizona Science Center is taking visitors on a journey into the world of nature’s amazing mathematical patterns.

The new exhibit, Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature, includes over 20 immersive and interactive features in which children and adults alike can draw patterns on a digital screen, compose a piece of music using symmetry, compare the patterns seen in architecture over the years, see the astounding correlation between their own height and wing span, and much more.

Guests can also witness incredible footage and images of the patterns and symmetry seen all throughout nature, from leaves to human beings. There also are artifacts like Bighorn sheep antlers and honeycombs, which demonstrate real examples of patterns in objects from the natural world.

The feature piece of the exhibit, however, is the mirror maze. Just around the corner from the entrance of the exhibit, guests are transported inside an amazing, illuminated mirror maze that is seemingly infinite. The maze was created by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and includes a secret room in the heart of the maze, filled with artifacts and puzzles. While a little dizzying and disorienting, the maze gives an up-close and personal look at the math, patterns and symmetry that surround us while visitors navigate through a huge pattern.

Visitors are encouraged to take photos inside the maze, which includes six marked “Selfie Spots” within to help you to get the best pictures possible (visitors are encouraged to use the hashtag #MirrorMaze in their social media and tag the Arizona Science Center).

The exhibit takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to go through, but guest can feel free to go at their own pace, and even skip the mirror maze if they choose. The display does require an extra fee of $8.95 in addition to the general admission fee ($18, adults; $13, children ages 3-17), but the cost is worth it.

Hands-on activities and the immersive maze combine to create an experience that inspires wonder and curiosity, the main goal of the Arizona Science Center. The Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature exhibit is on display through September 4. For more information, visit azscience.org/mirrormaze.

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