Freeways and Landmarks

Whether you’re new to the Valley or just unfamiliar with other towns and neighborhoods of the metro, the Phoenix freeway system can seem very difficult to decipher – especially when you’re listening to radio traffic reports. And, if it seems there are many different names for a single road, that’s because it’s true. So here’s a quick guide to local freeway names, landmarks and a few tips on local traffic patterns to get you up to speed (pun intended).

Click on any marker or segment of freeway to learn more about it. Hint: Zoom in for more details, or look below the map for more tips and tricks.

More ways to explore the freeway map:

Browse by freeway or landmark

To see a list of freeways and landmarks, click the expand icon in the upper-left corner of the map to bring out a slider on the left. Then under the “Landmark” section, click on any landmark to bring it up on the map. Or under each freeway heading, click on a freeway name to see it.

Search the map

To search for attractions and other points of interest, click the “View larger map” icon in the upper-right corner of the map. This will open the map in a new tab. Then click the magnifying glass icon to perform your search.