The Phoenix Metro area spans more than 14,000 square miles and supports a growing population of 4.1 million people. In other words, it’s considerably bigger than most people think.

Like any other large area, the Valley of the Sun can confuse newcomers and residents alike with odd zip code placements, serpentine city limits, insider terms for freeways and landmarks, and other frustrating oddities. To help minimize mixups, we’ve created these handy maps that give you an insider peek into the Phoenix area and help you find your way around.

Zip code map

Zip Code Map

Four million people call the Phoenix Metro area home, and the Valley of the Sun extends even farther with more than 55 cities and 150 zip codes...
Attractions map

Valley Attractions Map

The Valley of the Sun doesn't lack for things to do. Whether you like museums, casinos, sporting events, concerts or something else, you can...
Freeway map

Freeways and Landmarks

Whether you're new to the Valley or just unfamiliar with other towns and neighborhoods of the metro, the Phoenix freeway system can seem very...
valley metro light rail on central ave. in phoenix, az, usa

Valley Metro Light Rail

In operation since the tail end of 2008, the 26-mile Valley Metro Light Rail stretches from 19th Ave. and Dunlap Ave. in upper-central Phoenix...
Arizona Golf Map

Arizona Public Golf Courses

With more than 300 days of sunshine every year and mild winter temperatures, the Valley of the Sun makes the perfect spot for year-round...
Villages map

Phoenix Villages

Just like the Phoenix Metro area contains many cities, the city of Phoenix contains 15 "villages." If you've ever heard someone from the city of Phoenix say...

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