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Just Funny: Don’t call Brian Regan a ‘clean’ comedian

Just Funny: Don’t call Brian Regan a ‘clean’ comedian

By Eric Newman

Ringing in the New Year at the Comerica Theatre, Brian Regan is known for his stand-up specials, and TV roles like Mugsy on “Loudermilk.”

But, the act of touring and telling jokes is the part of the business he fell in love with and still enjoys most.

On Tuesday, December 31, he’ll fill his act with material about himself and relatable situations.

“I try to keep it interesting for me. If it’s interesting for me, it will also be for the audience,” Regan says. “And that involves switching up the things I’m talking about. I’m caring about having OCD, dabbling a little bit into politics and crime, about things that might surprise. I try to make the jokes the kind of things both sides can laugh at.”

He wants everyone to enjoy his show, regardless of their experiences.

“Right now, I like doing ‘laugh-with comedy,’ not ‘laugh-at comedy,’” he explains.

“We’re not making fun of someone in the room so 99 people are laughing in the room and one person feels bad. I want everyone to be laughing. At this point in my life, I kind of keep my opinions to my loved ones and my friends and not necessarily in my act.”

His act free of profanity or adult material. For years, he has been compared to other clean comics like Jim Gaffigan. Regan eschews that label, but doesn’t plan on changing his act.

Regan just wants to be known as “funny” or a performer who “finds the peculiar in the mundane.” If he just so happens to be clean, then so be it.

“Being known as clean, it’s like putting a G label on a movie. What adult couple wants to go see that?” he asks rhetorically.

“,An empty stage is clean for an hour, and nobody wants to see that. So there’s got to be something that makes me someone who can sell tickets.”

Brian Regan, Comerica Theatre, 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, 602.379.2800, comericatheatre.com, 8 p.m. Tuesday, December 31, tickets start at $45.