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By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | February 3, 2021

Treasure Milinovich is hoping to help others find inner peace during the pandemic by hosting the Second Sunday Sound Healing Concerts at Local Jonny’s patio, 6033 E. Cave Creek Road, from 4 to 6 p.m.

With the $25 admission, guests can partake in a one-hour guided meditation and sound healing experience, followed by happy hour. Upcoming dates include February 14, March 14 and April 11, and will continue throughout 2021.

“We’re really excited about the concerts,” says Milinovich, the founder of The Space Healing Center at 37608 N. Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek.

“I’ve lived in Cave Creek for about 19 years, and I’ve been a regular at Local Jonny’s since they opened. It’s a natural partnership. We just wanted to offer something to the community that could be outside.”

These concerts will benefit various philanthropic causes, with February’s proceeds donating to Mindfulness First.

Local Jonny’s co-owner Lauren VanWinkle hadn’t hosted a sound healing before and went into it “completely on faith,” Milinovich says.

“She loved it the first time,” Milinovich adds. “The first one, in December, was a great success. It’s basically a two-hour event. The actual sound portion is one hour and included a little bit of guided meditation, and then we go into the sound for the majority of the time.

“We use lots of different tools, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, whatever the particular sound healing is called to use.”

The December event was capped at 25 people. Going forward, only 20 tickets will be available. Milinovich calls the experience “mind blowing.”

“A lot of people have tried to meditate, and they say, ‘It doesn’t work for me’ or ‘I can’t turn off my mind,’” she recalls.

“The sound is beautiful. It’s an automatic meditation. It gives the mind something to focus on. The mind starts to slow down and quiet without much conscious attention from the practitioner. They’re able to relax without trying to relax. Subconsciously, a lot is happening in the body to facilitate a deep feeling of relaxation and peace.”

Milinovich began as a yoga teacher about 20 years ago. Over those years, she slowly expanded into other fields. She’s been a life coach and slowly rolled in the healing component.

“Sound was a natural extension of me to include into my personal work I do with clients,” she says. “There are some people who are sound healers and that’s all they do; they have a lot of different bowls and gongs and just focus on the sound. Sound is one of the tools in my toolbox. At Local Jonny’s, I want to invite sound healers to facilitate.”

She’s passing on her talent, too. Her daughter teaches mindfulness in school. Milinovich says she believes in allowing “people to blossom in the way they’re meant to blossom.”

“I don’t push anything on my kids,” she says. “Hopefully, they’re able to pick up a few tools along the way to find peace. That’s what really everyone craves in some peace, especially in today’s world.

“Everything is so loud, and we’re constantly being bombarded with so much noise. It’s challenging for people to start meditation, but sound is a wonderful beginners’ tool that gives people the opportunity to drop in. Something then opens within them that says, ‘I want to explore a little more.’”