Photo courtesy of Gene Caballero

By Lauren Serrato | November 16, 2021

GreenPal, a Nashville-based app that connects homeowners with local, vetted lawn care professionals, has expanded to Avondale.

“GreenPal can be described as Uber for lawn care,” says Gene Caballero, GreenPal co-founder. “After successfully launching in 250 other markets, we are excited to help homeowners in Avondale find reliable, safe and local lawn care.”

Homeowners can list their lawns with their service date and lawn care needs. Lawn care pros bid on their properties based on the Google street and aerial images and any other lawn details the homeowner provides. Homeowners can then select who they want to work with based on the vendor’s ratings, reviews and price.    

Once a vendor has completed the service, the lawn care pro will send a time-stamped photo of the completed work. Homeowners pay and make appointments via the app.

“From the homeowner’s side, it’s mainly convenient,” Caballero says.

“In the height of landscaping season, a homeowner could call 10 landscaping professionals and they’re probably going to get 10 voicemails, and how does that homeowner keep that vendor accountable? Our platform makes that easy. You can see the vendors’ ratings, reviews; you can see their reliability rating. That whole accountability measure and the convenience on the homeowner side is something that’s not out there.”

While he says the app makes searching for reliable landscaping services easy, he admits the app primarily benefits vendors looking for an outlet to promote their business.

“Not only do we handle the vendor’s demand creation, but we also handle the scheduling, the payment processing and the route optimization,” he says. “So, basically, anybody who is looking to grow their landscaping business can jump on a GreenPal. It’s free for vendors to bid on properties. It’s really no harm no foul on their end to join something like this.”

GreenPal operates in Atlanta, Chicago, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, Houston, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Phoenix, San Jose, Orlando, Sacramento, New Orleans, Louisville, Miami, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis.

A longtime landscaper, Caballero landed a tech job after graduating from college.

“I was privy to newer technologies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, so I knew that if somebody was going to summon a stranger to come pick them up or allow a stranger to come stay in their house, at some point they’d do the same with lawn care,” he says.

“Having grown a landscaping company, I know how hard it is; and if I had a tool like this to help me grow, I would have been all in, and so we kind of designed it from a vendor standpoint, like where can we make his life easier? Where can we make his life better? Where can we make him more money? We knew that there are millions of landscaping professionals that could use a product like ours, and that’s kind of how we approached it, how we built it and how we’re rolling it.”

With the pandemic still looming and social distancing a communal priority, GreenPal allows users to stay safe by allowing vendors to bid on lawns without having to visit the property and talk face to face with the homeowner.

Historically, this industry has been a cash business. GreenPal eliminates the need to meet for payment and use cash that has been scientifically proven to spread not only germs but also COVID-19.

According to Caballero, more than 30% of GreenPal customers are older than 60, a demographic most susceptible to contracting COVID-19 and falling fatally ill from it.

“To be 100% contactless, we were just thankful that we’re able to protect as many people as possible,” Caballero says.

With more than 1 million homeowners signed up and using GreenPal and over 25,000 landscaping professionals running their business on GreenPal, Caballero says he looks forward to the app’s success in Avondale and expanding it to other West Valley cities in the future.

“With GreenPal, what you see is what you get. It’s free for homeowners to sign up and get bids. If they’re quoted $50, they pay $50. With Uber Eats or something like that, you’re charged a shipping fee or other additional fees, but with us, there’s no convenience fees or anything added to any other quotes,” he says.

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