From Gilbert to the Stage: Lindsey Stirling brings her ‘Artemis’ tour to her home state |
From Gilbert to the Stage: Lindsey Stirling brings her ‘Artemis’ tour to...

From Gilbert to the Stage: Lindsey Stirling brings her ‘Artemis’ tour to her home state

Photo by Sydney Takeshta

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | August 27, 2021

Lindsey Stirling has just about done it all in her young career.

She began her career as a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” and subsequently saw her albums go gold and platinum. Recently, she authored and illustrated a comic book.

However, she attributes the origins of her creativity to growing up in Gilbert.

“My parents also always encouraged creativity in our home, which is what made me not afraid to be a dancing violinist,” she says.

Stirling has nothing but fond memories of growing up in the once-rural town.

“I am so grateful for my childhood,” Stirling says. “When I was growing up, I was surrounded by dairy farms and alfalfa fields. I’d spend my summer playing in ditches with my friends in our ripped jeans. It was so fun.”

She also fondly recalls working at a young age.

“I was taught to work hard as a kid,” the Mesquite High School graduate says.

“My parents didn’t have a lot of money. My friend, Johnny, and I would find ways to make money by doing chores for people.”

Stirling saved up to buy fabric, so she could make creative clothing, add Beanie Babies to her collection and purchase a Nintendo 64 console.

“The creativity of finding ways to work allowed me to discover my self-motivation.” Stirling says.

Her creativity and self-motivation are best shown by her latest album and most daring concept titled “Artemis.”

“I got really excited when I came up with the concept of basing the album on Artemis, the goddess of the moon,” Stirling says. “Then I came up with more of a story and the characters had depth to me, so that inspired the comic book.”

The accompanying comic book will have six issues out by the time she hits the road and will offer fans a visual experience.

“I really wanted people to have the album, the comic book and everything else to be out by the time I hit the road so that people could have the whole story by the time the tour begins,” she says.

The “Artemis” began July 23 and will make the rounds of the country. Its stop at the Arizona Federal Theater on September 1 has Stirling most excited.

“It’s been really fun to grow in a place that is my home and play at venues that I used to see bands at,” she says. “It’s always really fun to play in my hometown.”

More than anything, she is excited to be able to play shows for the first time since “Artemis” hit shelves.

“Since I’ve had time to re-evaluate the shows we played on the ‘Artemis’ tour in Europe, I’ve looked at the audience reaction to the album and have switched up the show based on what people were gravitating toward,” Stirling says. “It’s been cool to have seen how the fans have reacted to the album and the videos now that it’s been out for over a year.”

She plans to curate a setlist of newer songs, many of which she will perform for the first time ever.

“I will be playing some new songs that I have not played live before,” Stirling says. “It’s always fun to play a song live for the first time because it gives you a new relationship with the song once you see people react to it as you play it.”

The thing Stirling cites as being the most exciting part of a show is the roar she hears from the audience when she queues up a fan favorite song.

“It’s always fun when an intro to a song starts and you hear the audience react because they know what’s coming, and that’s kind of impossible to achieve when you’re touring an album that’s just come out,” she says. “I do think that there will be a different reaction now that people have had time to fall in love with these songs.”

Stirling also plans to give fans the ultimate visual experience of her latest work.

“For me, ‘Artemis’ wasn’t about music, it was about characters and the story,” she says.

While she is anxious to get back on stage, her mind is always working. She hopes to continue writing after the tour, but in a completely different style.

“I really enjoyed the comic book, it opened up a whole new world for my mind and I have other stories I want to write,” she says.

Lindsey Stirling

When: 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 1

Where: Arizona Federal Theater 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix

Cost: Tickets start at $29.50

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