Foto Friday

No matter how long you live here, Arizona can still surprise and amaze you. Here are some photos from this last week that prove it.

Old vs. New

The juxtoposition of the brand new light rail and the 1932 Valley National Bank (now the Hilton Garden Inn) in the background says a lot about Phoenix. Also, it’s a nice photo.

Saturday on Central Avenue. #dtphx

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Underwater view

Did you know that the photographer collected all the water in Arizona to get this shot? OK, we’re joking. Arizona actually contains a lot of water, in lakeswater parks and — sometimes — clouds.

Cave Dweller…. over/under shot from inside a cave in Fossil Creek, AZ

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Stony surprise

This succulent resembles just another desert stone, until a yellow flower pops out.

Speaking of water…

Earlier we said that Arizona boasts more water than you’d think. The photo below proves our point.

Only in the desert…

…can you learn how to drive a high-performance car and discover an abandoned airport.

Leader of the pack?: @jhay_dntplay #bondurant #dodge #srt #707 #dodgechallenger

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Most people and animals steer clear of a cactus. This adorable Gila Woodpecker turned it into a fortress.