Foto Friday

Arizona can sometimes be too beautiful for words, so we rounded up some pictures. We also picked a few to celebrate our law enforcement and graduates.

Grand sunset

What do you get when you combine an Arizona sunset and the Grand Canyon? This:

Arizona ghosts

If you get a shiver down your spine even in the Arizona heat, you know it must be a ghost.


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National Police Week

They protect our streets and they look good doing it. We’re incredibly thankful for our Arizona law enforcement.

Southwest colors

It might appear to be a painting at first glance, but this doorway in Tucson actually looks like this.

‘You just do you’

Just because most other saguaro cacti stand up straight, that doesn’t mean they all do. This one clearly likes doing its own thing.


The desert makes a surprisingly good backdrop for graduation pictures. Congrats to all our Arizona graduates!

Desert ruins

Forget Greece and Egypt, Arizona contains its own spectacular ancient(ish) ruins.

wupatki national monument, just one puzzle piece of the jigsaw that is #americasbestidea

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A fountain of awesome

Yes, the city of Fountain Hills gets its name from an actual fountain, which is one of the tallest in the world at a maximum of 560 feet.

Watch that first step…

…it’s a doozy. We also recommend you not look down.