Foto Friday

This week we tracked down some great pictures of Phoenix history, and a possible glimpse into its future. You won’t want to miss these.

Ancient Abode

This reconstruction of a dwelling from 1,500 years ago is just one of the many reasons to visit the Pueblo Grande Museum.

Attractive Apache Junction

Is there a reason to make the long trek out to Apache Junction? This photo provides proof that the answer is “yes.”

Photo of the day 6.7.2017, by @travisshoots #instagramaz

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Wonder Women

In honor of the new “Wonder Woman” movie, here’s a touching photo of two heroic females: Comicare’s resident Wonder Woman, Brooke Emelia, and her adorable cancer-surviving sidekick.

Obscure history

There are plenty of famous old hotels in the Valley, but the New Windsor Hotel doesn’t get mentioned very often. Built in 1893 as the 6th Avenue Hotel, it went through several remodels over its many decades of operation.

Another Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon well deserves its fame, but the gorgeous Canyon de Chelly warrants a look as well.


This adorable one-year-old Volcan Darwin tortoise got the name Fortnight because he’s the 14th tortoise born at the Phoenix Zoo. If everything works out, he could easily live more than 100 years.

Light Rail Looks

The Valley Light Rail might be useful, but it won’t win any beauty contests. Not unless the judges are looking at photos like this, that is.