Foto Friday

According to the forecast, we could be headed into 120-degree weather next week. To combat that, we rounded up some shots of Arizona that might help you keep your cool.

Deceptively pleasant

When you aren’t actually there in person, you wouldn’t know that the city gets hot enough to melt your face — and just about everything else.

Underground retreat

Nothing blocks the summer heat like tons of rock between you and the outside world. That’s just one reason Kartchner Caverns makes a great spot to cool off.

The newest Cardinal

Awww…he’s so adorable. And probably air conditioned.

With #Cars3 zooming into theaters, meet WildCard (WLDCRD). #kachow

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The King of Cool

The lion might the King of the Jungle, but when it comes to cooling off, this tiger gets the crown.

Enjoy a relaxing swim. #BeatTheHeatIn4Words

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Sneak peek

One of the Valley’s newest art exhibits comes from Tom and James Franco (yes, the actor). Don’t worry; it will eventually be housed indoors. Check out some more of the coolest exhibits you can see this summer.

Hot summer night

The summer nights might be hot, but at least they’re a bit cooler than the daytime. If you get out of the city the temperature drops even more — and you get this spectacular view.

Now that’s a light show

Roger Waters just came through town, and his special effects did not disappoint. The music was pretty good too.

Move over, Smaug!

Pictures of Antelope Canyon are always impressive, but tend to look the same. This perspective, however, creates a whole new vibe. It also explains why the outside air feels as hot as a dragon’s flame.