Foto Friday

You might not get to look forward to fireworks this weekend, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of great things to see in Arizona. Here are some of our favorite photos for this week, including some firework, just in case you already miss them.

Lights in the night

The fireworks over Tempe Town Lake are always amazing, but those buildings make quite a light show as well.

Fireworks a la drone

This might not be an official fireworks show, but you can’t beat the vantage point — or the backdrop.

Star crossed lovers

OK, we know the phrase “star crossed lovers” actually means the opposite of what most people think. But it’s too perfect to pass up for this photo. Also, wow.

Back in time

Apparently, Sedona offers more than red rocks. The west fork of Oak Creek really does look like something out of the distant past.

Land of the Lost….

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‘And I stepped to the edge’

We like to imagine that the cactus is quietly singing Collective Soul’s “The World I Know.”

A picture is worth a thousand smells

No, this isn’t a furry starfish; it’s a pretty flower that smells like rotting meat. We’ll pass on seeing it in person.

Main Street

OK, this is actually Mill Ave. in Tempe, but it looks like the quintessential Main Street of a pleasant, non-specific American town. Also, did you know that trees used to be a lot more common in Phoenix than they are now? It’s true.

All we see is magic.⠀ ⠀ #DowntownTempe #SundayStrolls #NowhereElse ⠀ ⠀ ?: @the_favorite2314

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Baby love

Javelinas are not an animal you want to encounter or mess with in the wild. That being said, we’d probably risk life and limb to cuddle this adorable newborn.