Foto Friday

It might be a little dreary outside, so let’s brighten things up with some amazing pictures of animals, cacti and the stunning Arizona landscape.

Puppy love

It’s Friday! This weekend, strive to be as happy as this puppy.

Monsoon madness

Mix a typically gorgeous Arizona sunset and a monsoon lightning storm, and you get this stunning photo.

Ready for the night

Thanks to our typically clear skies, Arizona makes a good place for astronomy — as long as you get away from the light pollution of Phoenix and Tucson. Kitt Peak Observatory just so happens to be isolated enough for some serious stargazing.

Heard not seen … until now

You hear cicadas in the trees and bushes all the time, especially when monsoon seasons rolls around. Thanks to this skilled photographer, now you can see one. We’re kind of glad they’re normally hidden.

We have a bunch of different cicadas in Arizona. I have no clue what kind this is. It's so ugly though that I think it is super cute. I showed the photo to a friend & she felt nauseous for some reason. ?‍♀️ It is a focus stack of 56 images. I detest the popular trend of killing bugs so that they can be focus stacked in the studio. This one was alive & out in the desert, and actually making music some of the time while I was shooting. . . . . . . #cicada #entomology #whatbugisthis #unidentified #insectsofinstagram #supercute #superugly #souglyitscute #cicadidae #hemiptera #natureaz #musiciansofinstagram #naturalmusic #sonorandesert #wildnature #tymbal #ohhello #focusstacking #iflookscouldkill #arizonabeauty #beautypageant #macroinsect #serenaded #arizonamusic #desertsong #desertcreatures #critters #cutecritters #arthropoda

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Cacti in the mist

The poster child for our desert environment, the mighty Saguaro cactus is a master of collecting and storing rain water to the tune of 1,500 gallons!

Cacti in the night

The mighty Saguaro might not be as pleasant to look at as other plants, but there are few plants that are more majestic.

Horsing around

Can you believe this little guy is only 4 days old? We aren’t sure if we want to cuddle him or ride him.

Remote bridge

We find it interesting that such a nice looking bridge is in a place where relatively few people will ever see it.

We aren’t lion

At first glance, we would probably label this a very odd-looking cat, but it’s actually a Golden Lion Tamarin. Thankfully, it’s on its way back from extinction.

Seriously, Sedona

How are you always so gorgeous?