Foto Friday

We can never get enough of our gorgeous state and the people, plants, and animals, that live here. So here are our favorite photos of Arizona that we found this week.

Too pretty to be real

This photo is clearly fake, right? No? Guess we’ll have to make the trek to find out for sure. Shucks.

Sunrise at Havasu Falls

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The Dbacks won their opening day game, and we got this epic photo of Chase Field. The season’s off to a good start!

?? #DbacksOpeningDay

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Flowers in the desert

…or at least the Desert Botanical Garden. We guess the allergies are worth it for photos like this.

A bit of perspective

We already know the Orpheum Theatre tips all the scales for gorgeous (and sometimes spooky), but this unique shot takes it to another level.

Orpheum Theatre is fighting for my number one spot for favorite building in Phoenix. . #orpheumtheatre #vivaphx

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Obligatory sunset photo

As we live in Arizona, we must share at least one sunset photo.

Where are you enjoying the sunset from this weekend? We have a few suggestions… #ArizonaSunset #OptOutside

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Three’s a crowd

Or, in this case, a crowd’s a crowd. Share this with people who still think Phoenix is one dirt street and some tumbleweed.

Superheroes? In Phoenix?

Yep, we got ’em, and sometimes they even wear suits. Check out Comicare’s mission and how you can help.