Foto Friday

After a week of staring at office walls, we thought we’d round up some of the spectacular outdoor views Arizona offers. Let your imagination run wild as you look at these, or go hunt them down for yourself. We might pay Sunrise Peak a visit ourselves.

Horsing around

Yep, wild horses still roam Arizona. Guess we aren’t as far past our Wild West days as we thought.

If you do come across wild horses in your travels, please keep a reasonable distance for everyone’s safety.

Don’t look down

Our fear of height would probably keep us from following in her footsteps. Still, you can’t beat the view.

I'm on an arch⛰??

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Sunset at Sunrise

The irony of photographing a sunset at Sunrise Peak is not lost on us, but we’re not going to complain when it produces this gorgeous photo.

Arizona? Surely not.

Hard as it is to believe, there are parts of Arizona that look like this.

Cheetah capers

How do you say “last one there is a rotten egg!” in cheetah? Maybe the Phoenix Zoo can tell us.

Brothers. #siblingsday

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Bee prepared

Yes, it is bee season, especially at the Desert Botanical Garden. Make sure you appreciate these helpful pollinators from a distance, and know what to do if they attack.

Time capsule

Phoenix might be increasingly modern, but a lot of Arizona towns still offer a window to the past. We kind of like it.

Most of rural Arizona seems to be stuck in a time warp. Particularly Lowell.

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