Foto Friday

We can never get enough of our gorgeous state and the people, plants, and animals, that live here. So here are our favorite photos of Arizona that we found this week.

Yet another sunset

Even though we see an Arizona sunset every day, we never seem to get tired of them – especially when they look like this.

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Posted by Desert Botanical Garden on Thursday, March 23, 2017

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“Goodnight desert”

There’s no moon to say goodnight to, which means we get to see the glorious Milky Way instead.

New kid on the block

Phoenix Zoo got a new inhabitant this week. LouLou is a 20-year-old Southern white rhino, and she seems to be settling in just fine. Welcome to the Valley, LouLou!

The beautiful LouLou. (Photo by WJ Wheaton)

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Another hole-in-the-rock

Phoenix might boast the original, but we wouldn’t mind taking the longer jaunt to see this hole-in-the-rock in person.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls…”

…climb them instead. But only if you know what you’re doing, please.

Joust another day at the office

The Arizona Renaissance Festival remains in full swing until April 2 and beckons us to attend. Now where did we put our jester hat? (Oh, it was on our head already.)

My first visit to the AZ Ren Fest was awesome. Still going at least 2 more times.

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Meanwhile, back on the slopes

The Valley might be posting record high temperatures already, but Arizona Snowbowl still boasts plenty of white powder for your skiing, snowboarding or cooling-down pleasure.

In fact, Snowbowl plans to stay open on weekends through April 30, the latest open date in its 79-year history. Sign us up!

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