By Elsa Hortareas

The pandemic is making it hard to stay involved in the community, but thanks to the local libraries, residents can participate in online programs and classes.

Listed below are some of the special programs the libraries are offering.

Phoenix libraries

For the entrepreneurs, Phoenix Public Libraries offer one-on-one mentoring with a member of the city of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department on August 4, August 5, August 11, August 12 and August 14. They can talk about licensing, policies and how to navigate a business in the city.

They also offer a kids’ cafe, where children or adults with children can grab food while supplies last from August 3 to August 7.

The Universal Class offers many online classes such as an online knitting course, feng shui class, an interior decorating class and more. You can go online at any time to take the classes.

Scottsdale libraries

In Scottsdale, the Civic Center and the Mustang libraries buildings are open. The Arabian and Appaloosa Library is still offering limited drive-thru service.

Scottsdale is offering online library card registration, as well as recently getting rid of late fees.

If you like the British, the library offers Acorn TV, which gives you access to British TV and film.

Lastly, Scottsdale Libraries are offering Universal Class, which offers free online educational classes on a variety of topics.

Mesa libraries

Mesa Public libraries buildings remain closed but offer curbside pickup.

Most importantly, they have a hotline for businesses and residents affected by COVID-19 to get referrals for services.

They are also providing an online budgeting guide!

Glendale libraries

Glendale Library buildings are open.

They are hosting author Amy K. Nichols to provide online instruction to aspiring writers. You can attend a 30-minute one-on-one with her via Zoom, or you can attend a workshop. All experience levels are welcome!

Maricopa County Library District

This library has online sewing classes on the August 12 and August 18. It also has bilingual storytimes every Monday!

All the libraries

All Maricopa County libraries are offering a summer reading program until August 15. Everyone of all ages can join, and they earn one “point” for one minute of reading.

All you do is read 20 minutes a day and log your minutes, and you can earn rewards for doing so. You can join online at

If you do not need a physical book, most libraries offer online downloadables through Hoopla, Overdrive, Freading and Tumble Books.