Extending Your Patio Season
Extending Your Patio Season

By Olive Dawson

Many residents in the Phoenix area love spending time outdoors during the cooler fall and winter months. The weather during this time of year is one of the main perks of the area as temperatures are still quite comfortable in contrast to other winter weather around the country. Still, there are many Phoenix residents who will need a few changes to their outdoor areas in order to enjoy them more comfortably during the colder months. Consider these tips for extending your patio season year-round to enjoy more time in your outdoor living space.

Create Different Areas

Using your patio on a continuous basis will require different pieces of outdoor furniture. A dining table with enough surrounding chairs can be frequently used for many outdoor meals and dinner parties. Deep seated comfortable chairs are great for chatting with a neighbor or catching up on a good book. Small side tables with stools will provide a good spot for playing a board game or hand of poker with friends as well. Choosing a variety of furniture will help create different areas of the patio to enjoy.

Add A Patio Heater

Although temperatures are quite mild, many Phoenix residents will feel the chill in the air. There are a wide range of patio heaters available that can add an extra layer of warmth to the area depending on your needs. Small tabletop heaters are a great choice for more intimate portions of the patio meant for just one or two people. Larger stand alone patio heaters are an option for those residents who love to host outdoor parties or have larger families. Consider both options to use in tandem in order to fight off the chill of cooler early morning or late evening weather.

Screen Off Nuisances

Many Phoenix residents enjoy more time on the patio if they have access to a screened in portion of space. Consider installing screens to sides of the patio that can be opened or closed depending on the season. Due to the mild winter climate, many bugs don’t die off like in other parts of the country. Screening in a portion of the patio will help create a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy free of moths and scorpions that may look for a warm spot to sleep.

Accessorize Well

Part of creating an inviting outdoor living space involves the use of many creature comforts that you can also find within the interior of the home. Make sure that your patio features little things like outdoor rugs for cold toes as well as plenty of throw pillows to make seating even more comfortable. Having a stack of throw blankets that are easily accessible is also an easy way to extend time spent out on the patio. Make your outdoor space more of a living space by hanging decorations and outdoor curtains that will instantly make the patio more appealing to use.

Upgrade Lighting

Ditch the floodlights or lone patio light and create a patio space that features different sources of lighting for different activities. Hang string lights from the underside of a patio umbrella to create ambience as well as provide enough light for an outdoor dinner party. Use solar charged tabletop lights that are great for reading at dawn or dusk. Other lighting options include upgrading to LED lightbulbs in current fixtures in order to provide a crisper and more illuminating space.

Outsource Your Busy Work

There are a lot of fun, creative ways to make your outdoors more livable, but they all take time. To free up your weekends to focus on these projects, consider hiring professionals to take care of some of the more mundane tasks. These days, hiring a professional is easier and cheaper than ever thanks to technology. Consider Taskrabbit, a platform that matches you with personal assistants who can help out with errands, cleaning, and furniture assemble. There’s also LawnStarter Lawn Care, an app that makes it easy to schedule lawn care. If there’s something to be done around the house, chances are there is an app or website that makes finding a professional easy.

Extending your patio season is easy with these quick tips. Consider choosing different kinds of outdoor furniture and upgrading lighting in order to spend more time outdoors. Screen off portions of the patio to keep bugs away as well as add a heating source like a patio heater to keep the temperature comfortable. Accessorize the patio well with outdoor rated rugs and fabrics in order to make the space more like interior portions of the home. Consider all of these # tips for extending your patio season year-round in the Phoenix area.


Olive Dawson is a gardening and landscape writer for WikiLawn – a website which provides lawn care advice for various regions in the United States including Phoenix. She is always searching for new ways to reduce waste and grow food organically. She is most proud of her homemade beauty products.

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