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Emotional Rescue: In This Moment has mixed feelings about tour

Emotional Rescue: In This Moment has mixed feelings about tour

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By Alex Gallagher | September 22, 2021

In This Moment guitarist Chris Howorth is a little sketchy about his tour with Black Veil Brides, DED and Raven Black.

The Los Angeles-based metal band was looking forward to touring its 2020 album, “Mother,” when the world closed.

“This tour’s been pumped and ready to go for almost two years,” says Howorth, whose jaunt makes a stop at Arizona Federal Theatre on September 30.

“It’s really exciting that it’s going to happen, but there is still some trepidation. A lot of bands are out right now testing the waters, and some are coming back with show cancellations, which is a bit nerve wracking.”

Despite all the hesitation, Howorth’s emotions headed into the tour have remained the same.

“My emotions are similar to the way they were going into the last tour — the same tour that was supposed to happen last year before COVID-19 derailed everything,” says Howorth, who co-founded the band with vocalist Maria Brink.

Brink has been working with dancers on choreography for the tour.

In the weeks before the tour, In This Moment planned to meet in Nashville to rehearse a week and a half before hitting the road. During that time, the band determined the set list and prepared for its larger-scale production.

“Our show is almost like a theater performance with a rock band smashed in there,” he says. “The idea is to basically put a visual stimulus to what you’re seeing and what you’re hearing at the same time.”

Because of this, Howorth is excited to play at the Federal Theatre.

“It definitely gives you a more formal vibe, and it’s almost like our theatrical performance fits that kind of a venue better sometimes,” he says.

More importantly, he is excited to be able to jam some of the band’s biggest hits. 

“I’m excited to play any of our songs, because they all feel like new songs almost,” Howorth says. “Now we want to play all of the hits under these circumstances and throw in a few songs that we love to play.”

Songs from “Mother” will make their live debut, and that includes the Grammy-nominated track “The In Between.”

“It was a very successful album for us, but at the same time, it got sucked into the void and we never did any touring on it,” Howorth says. “We’re going to have at least one or two songs off the new album and then all of our more current songs. Nothing is going to go past our album ‘Blood,’ which is what people know us for.”

Co-headlining with Black Veil Brides, Howorth and In This Moment are looking forward to the openers — Raven Black and Tempe’s DED. DED singer Joe Cotela and Brink are in a relationship.

“This tour is something that’s been a long time coming with Black Veil Brides,” he says. “I know that they have a large group of fans that may know of us or may have never seen us, and the same thing for us with them.

“DED is such a rad band with such great dudes, and we’re super excited to have them on as well.”

In This Moment and Black Veil Brides w/DED and Raven Black

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, September 30

Where: Arizona Federal Theatre, 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix

Cost: $45 (limited tickets available)

Info: arizonafederaltheatre.com, inthismomentofficial.com