By Ashlyn Robinette | June 25, 2021

A Gilbert brother and sister musical duo recently released the third song they have written and recorded together from their home studio.

Sophie Dorsten, 19, in collaboration with her brother, Alex Dorsten, 22, released “Until June” on May 28 and will be releasing new songs together about every month this year. “Until June” is available now via all digital retail outlets and streaming platforms.

The pandemic influenced their latest piece — and, in a way, their collaboration.

“The ‘you’ in ‘Until June’ is fear and doubt,” Sophie says. “In this time of uncertainty and COVID-19, we’ve all been by ourselves for a long time and fear can creep in. 

“I want listeners to hear the song and learn to not let fear overcome them or let it make them question their decisions.”

The dynamic sibling duo, with Sophie on vocals and Alex on guitar, originally had separate music careers, but when the pandemic struck, they utilized their time in quarantine to write songs together.

It only took about half an hour to write “Until June,” but the recording process took about a month to perfect from their bedroom studio, Alex said.

Alex says he takes musical inspiration from Seattle’s indie folk band Fleet Foxes while Sophie is inspired by California’s indie rock band From Indian Lakes.

Sophie is also inspired by Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, a successful indie pop brother-sister pair who have co-written and produced many tracks together and simultaneously release their own music.

Like Eilish and O’Connell, Sophie and Alex maintain solo careers while also making music together.

“I still write my own songs and he still writes his own songs and then we write together,” Sophie says.

The Dorstens’ next song together is “Red Skies,” to be released July 2. After that, they will release a new song consistently every four to five weeks.

“We’ll be sticking with each other for a while,” Alex says.

The siblings say they have been musicians for as long as they can remember.

Along with their younger brother, Joey, they were in a little band called “Sophie and the Boyz” where Sophie, then 9, sang and played bass guitar, Alex, then 12, played guitar, and Joey, 7, played the drums.

After a few years, the band broke up and at 13,  Sophie taught herself acoustic guitar and started writing songs while Alex, 16, moved on to play guitar for another band called “Vintage Wednesday.”

That was 2016 and it was during that year Sophie wrote and recorded her first EP, “Beauty of the Heart.” Since then, she has released two more EP’s and a few singles, according to her website.

Sophie has sung at over 50 venues in Arizona, including The Van Buren, Marquee Theatre and Crescent Ballroom. Alex has performed at just as many venues, if not more, as “Vintage Wednesday” was doing over a 100 shows a year at one point.

Sophie has volunteered for the past several years at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center in Phoenix, Cooper’s faith-based non-profit facility that offers free programs for teens (12-20) in music, dance, video production and more, by giving vocal lessons and singing at or helping out with big events held.

In the Alice Cooper Proof is in the Pudding talent competition in 2018, Sophie won second place while “Vintage Wednesday” won the same in 2016. Sophie even performed back-up vocals with Cooper at a press release party at the teen center. 

“Vintage Wednesday” opened for Cooper on three separate occasions, once in 2016 and twice in 2017.

In 2018, “Vintage Wednesday” broke up because everyone wanted to do their own thing, Alex said.

When the pandemic hit, Alex had to come home from Grand Canyon University, where he recently received a degree in marketing and advertising. Once he was home, he began making music with Sophie.

Alex also helps run a two-man guitar shop in Phoenix called bel.Sonique Guitars, where he works as the head of marketing and a luthier building guitars from scratch.

The first song that Sophie and Alex made together was “Babydoll,” which was released in October 2020 — they followed up a month later with “Sea Salt.”

The songs are inspired by chapters of Sophie’s life and her feelings, she says. She and Alex say they have an acoustic indie folk/pop sound and primarily use social media to promote their music.

Alex and Sophie’s next performance together is at Pho Cao in Scottsdale on June 30. Live music starts at 6:30 p.m., but Alex and Sophie don’t perform until 7:15 p.m.

To watch the official lyric video for “Until June,” go to Sophie’s YouTube channel, “Sophie Dorsten Music.”

For more information on Sophie’s music or for upcoming solo show dates, go to