You don’t need to head out to the ocean to meet or swim with playful dolphins. Situated next to Odysea Aquarium, Dolphinaris Arizona in Scottsdale offers close-up dolphin encounters in 5 lagoons that hold a combined 1 million gallons of saltwater.

The Dolphin Land Experience lets you stay dry as you meet a single dolphin, and includes touching and even dolphin kisses. If you don’t mind the water, the Dolphin Water Experience lets you meet friendly dolphins in waist-deep water.

The Deluxe Dophin Experience lets you swim into 10 feet of water to observe the dolphins really show off their swimming skills. Or spring for the Dolphin Trainer Experience to step into the shoes of a trainer and learn everything you need to know about dolphin care, anatomy and get hands-on training experience.

During the summer, Dolphinaris also offers the Dolphin Explorer Camp, which is an all-day camp for kids to learn about dolphins and experience interaction. Register early if your child wants a spot.

The facility boasts full lockers, showers, restrooms and towel service. You can also buy photos and videos of your encounter.

In addition to the dolphin interactions, Dolphinaris boasts a beach club for lounging and the Modern Grove Eatery, which lets you watch dolphins as you eat farm-to-table food.

For those worried about the welfare of the dolphins, Dolphinaris devotes considerable space on its website toward addressing those concerns. Click here to read about its dolphin care standards.

Location: 9500 E Via de Ventura, Scottsdale
Hours: Scheduled in advance
Cost: $50-$400