By Brandie Bosworth

North Scottsdale’s Brunch Café has gone beyond the typical entrees. It is supporting guests’ furry friends.

For $5, pet parents on the cafe’s patio can order a “Fido Frisbee” meal of plain scrambled eggs on a take-home saucer.

“I wonder if she liked it,” Katie Eubank says jokingly about the meal for her dog, Daisy. “I think she ate it all in under one minute.”

The cafe has seven locations in Chicago, and it opened its Scottsdale restaurant in March. General manager Kevin Rasmus made the journey to Scottsdale to open the restaurant and stopped at a Northern Arizona eatery that offered his dog a meal of steak and rice.

He says he thought it was a great idea and brought the concept to Brunch Café. Eggs are not only a treat for dogs but they are a great source of digestible protein that helps the pups have healthy, shiny coats.

“The patio is first come, first served,” Rasmus says.

The owner of two chocolate labradoodles, Rasmus says Brunch Café welcomes any size and breed of dog as long as they are social and well-behaved. The patio can hold about eight dogs and has water bowls available.

The cafe complies with all health department standards and regulations while accommodating guests’ pets, Rasmus says.

“The staff can’t touch the dogs. It’s up to the pet owner to handle the Frisbee after the staff places it for the dog,” Rasmus says.

North Scottsdale is the only Brunch Café that offers the Frisbee meals and the sole Brunch Café outside of Illinois—for now. A second Brunch Café is set to open off Via de Ventura and the Loop 101 in Scottsdale by the end of January.

Brunch Café, 15507 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 100, Scottsdale, 480.398.7174,