Dave & Buster’s new menu items are all fun and games

By Niki D’Andrea


With multiple locations in all points of the Valley, Dave & Buster’s is never far from Phoenicians. Its sports-bar/arcade model has been duplicated on the local level with independent “bar arcades,” but who says a nationwide chain can’t be original? To wit: The new food and drink items on Dave & Buster’s menu.

The new Irish cocktail at Dave & Buster’s (Photos by Niki D’Andrea)

Two new cocktails recently joined the D&B lineup: Frosé, and Irish. The Frosé is a frozen blend of Absolut Citron Vodka, rosé wine, Strawberry Bacardi Premium Mixer, and sweet ‘n’ sour topped with a mini bottle of Barefoot Rose wine. It’s super sweet and subtly boozy, and would probably pair well with a good game of skeeball (yes, guests can take their drinks out on the arcade floor).

The dangerously delicious Irish fuses Patron Reposado Tequila and Jameson Irish Whiskey with Cointreau, peach puree, sweet ‘n’ sour and ginger ale. It’s a bright, effervescent drink that goes down easy.

New food items include crispy natural white cheddar cheese bites, which have perfectly gooey-spongy interiors and are served with a side of smoky chili ranch and marinara sauce. The smoky chili ranch is slurp-worthy on its own.

Philly cheesesteak sliders make an impressive debut. Served alongside crispy hand-breaded chicken tenders with a house-made Buffalo ranch sauce, the Philly cheesesteak sliders showcase thin slices of grilled Philly rib-eye steak topped with melted cheese on brioche buns. They’re tender and tasty, and served with seasoned French fries, bacon and smoked gouda cheese sauce.

Chicken and waffle sliders may be the best addition to the menu (Photos by Niki D’Andrea)

But perhaps the best addition to the food menu is chicken and waffle sliders: crispy hand-breaded chicken tossed in sweet and spicy campfire sauce with applewood-smoked bacon on mini Belgian waffles, served with seasoned tots and a side of campfire sauce. The waffles are thick and strong enough to hold their own against the thick, fried chicken, making this a great eat-with-your-hands experience. It’s a fun twist on a favorite dish.

Speaking of fun, Dave & Buster’s also has some new video games, including Rampage, based on the new science fiction film of the same name starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Sounds like a great way to burn off those chicken and waffle sliders.