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By Claire Spinner | July 30, 2021

Veronique Munro calls her company, Infinity Sun, the “Rolls-Royce” of the tanning industry. Surprisingly, it started in the closet of a 14-year-old.

She reflects on Infinity Sun’s humble start as she discusses its expansion to Scottsdale and launch of tanning products for at-home and in-spa use.

“It goes all the way back to childhood,” says Munro, the chief executive officer and founder.

“My skin has always been so white that it’s nearly transparent. Growing up, I was given the nickname ‘Casper’ by my classmates because of my complexion. It got to the point where I felt really uncomfortable wearing anything that revealed my skin. I was very self-conscious. So, when I was 14, I decided to start my own tanning lab in my closet.”

In the early days, Munro admits she never quite properly tanned herself but that it was an important step in boosting her confidence and shaping her career.

“I never really thought I was going to do this for a living,” she says. “It was mostly something I did on the ‘QT,’ literally with a product called QT at one point.”

Following the adoption of a much-loved dog, Munro realized her job as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies was affecting her ability to care for her pet. After learning the tanning industry was worth billions, her interest was piqued.

“I was looking to see what I could do for a living that would allow me to be at home and be a stay-at-home dog mom, because I really fell in love with my dog, Snoopy,” she says.

“I discovered a company in Ohio that was doing automated spray tanning, and I flew out immediately to meet them. I think I knew they were on to something big.”

Munro took a chance on the burgeoning industry and bought the exclusive distribution rights to the Ohio company’s spray booth. Having early success within her community, Munro expanded and became Infinity Sun.

Unveiled in 2005, Infinity Sun is a multipurpose company. The company makes spray tan machines and the pre- and post-care products. Infinity Sun also creates machines for entrepreneurs to start their own business and offers classes on how to run successful spray tanning operations.

“We provide a healthy way for people to get really good color when there weren’t many alternatives to harmful exposure,” Munro says. “So, rather than these businesses sending people to artificially tan in a way that may not be safe, through us they are able to provide this service.”

Infinity Sun’s success rests on its innovative solution to the harmful effects of the sun. As the first company to introduce plug-and-spray technology and incorporate skin care, Infinity Sun was poised for international recognition.

“We infuse high-end skin care with our sunless tanning products,” Munro says. “So, that, in itself, really sets us apart. We were also one of the first sunless tanning brands in general. We came out with something really innovative, and that led to celebrities catching on at the early stages, which I think really pushed the company in the right direction.”

Munro opened two additional companies following the prosperity of Infinity Sun. Sunless Labs and Co. makes sunless tanning and skin care products for other brands and private labels.

Sprays for Strays is what Munro calls a “crucial” nonprofit that raises money through the sunless tanning industry. She wants to increase the number of homeless dog adoptions.

Since Infinity Sun’s inception, Munro has worked with Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Giuliana Rancic. Infinity Sun was also hired to tan actors for the TV show “Glee” and award shows. Now, more than 15 years after Munro introduced Infinity Sun, she is ready to send her best products to the market.

The new products include the Glow on the Go Mousse ($35); Tan Me BB gradual self-tanner, BB cream, skin plumping anti-aging technology and tan extender All-In-One ($29.99); Dolce Dust airbrush tan finishing dust with custom body brush ($89) and Phydra Lux pH optimizing sunless tanning body wash ($24.95).

“The Glow on the Go Rapid mousse is a true anti-aging rapid development mousse that you can apply at home for a sun-kissed glow,” Munro says.

“It can be rinsed in two hours, leaving the skin soft with a bronzed glow. Tan Me BB is the first-of-its-kind gradual self-tanner, BB cream, tan extender, which combines French anti-aging technology Renovage with hemp seed oil to bring the skin to life and create a glow that makes the tan last for up to three weeks. Revolutionary tanning and skin care all in one.”

Dolce Dust finishing powder locks in the cosmetic bronzer, helping to minimize the transfer of the bronzer onto light clothing and any sunless tanner odor, as well as prevent perspirations and smudging.

Phydra Lux Optimizing Wash helps balance the skin’s pH level, which assists with the activation of the DHA, ensures even absorption into the skin and helps the tan fade more evenly. With shea, coconut and avocado oil, Munro says Phydra Lux locks in the color longer.

These new products join the existing Infinity Sun line, which includes Glow on the Go Mist ($40), Infinity exfoliating body masque ($40), Infinity Extend hydrating lotion ($40), Resurface Mitt ($12), tan mitt ($12), Velour back applicator for self-tanners ($13.99) and Avance lip balm ($14.96).

“The products we are launching at this moment are really the evolution of everything we’ve launched since 2005,” she says. “It’s really just results-driven skin care and sunless tanning. There are products on the anti-aging side, products that enrich the skin, things that just make the tanning process more enjoyable. What we have now is designed to be less sticky, dry faster, and just make you feel more comfortable. Even after a fresh spray tan, with these products you’re able to go about your day as if you never got a tan.”

Munro encourages everyone to try the new Infinity Sun products and spray tanning.

“I think tanning just makes you feel your best,” Munro says. “When you feel good you do better, you live better, your happiness radiates to others. When you’re happy, it really creates this good karma for yourself, and I think tanning is a really easy way to build confidence and make you happy.

“My goal is to continue developing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art products, because it is really my passion. I love doing this. Making people feel better about themselves and empowering women is really my philosophy in all of this.”

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