Photo courtesy Steve Trevino

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | February 16, 2021

Steve Trevino’s parents often held barbecues at their house during which the men cooked outside, and the women retreated indoors to chat.

He remembered both groups coming together inside and “laughing their butts off.”

“I looked at the TV and there was a guy there telling jokes,” Trevino says. “It was Richard Pryor. I didn’t know I could do that for a job. I said, ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’”

And he did.

Known as “America’s Favorite Husband,” Trevino will perform at Stand Up Live in Phoenix from Thursday, February 18, to Saturday, February 20. He’s living his dream.

“As a kid, back in the day, in between movies on HBO, they would tell you the next three things that are coming,” he recalls. “Sometimes, the third one would be ‘Def Comedy Jam,’ an hour-long comedy special. I would stay up until 1 a.m. sometimes. I wanted to watch that stand-up special and thought, ‘One of those days, maybe it’ll be me.’”

He’s one of the country’s fastest-rising comics. Trevino has been viewed over 175 million times as of 2020, selling out shows coast to coast, amassing nearly 1 million social media followers, and headlining specials for Amazon, Netflix and Showtime.

He opened the 2001 “Three Amigos Comedy Tour” with Carlos Mencia, Pablo Francisco and Freddy Soto. By 2006, he began headlining.

His first Showtime special, “Grandpa Joe’s Son,” staked out a spot in the Nielsen Top 20. In 2014, he funded, produced and shot his Netflix hit “Relatable.”

To promote the special, he uploaded a clip entitled “When Your Wife Comes Home from Shopping,” which generated 56 million views on Facebook alone and paved the way for clips like “When You Ask Your Wife If She Wants McDonald’s” and “When Going to Vegas with Your Wife Goes Wrong.”

Trevino finds laughs in all aspects of the “shutdowns” — panic shopping, being home with his wife and best friend Renae. He even finds humor in 2019, their worst year, when Renae had a miscarriage at five months pregnant. In 2020, they gave birth to their baby girl during the pandemic.

“With each of my comedy specials I’ve gotten more personal,” Trevino says. “I wanted to be able to talk about the miscarriage because I felt like it was something a lot of couples have gone through, but no one’s talking about it. To me, some of the best comedy comes from great pain, so it was important for me to find an honest and funny way to share that journey with my audience.”

Trevino also raises money for Helicopters for Heroes, an organization benefiting veterans. Also, in 2020, he and Renae unveiled a joint weekly podcast entitled Steve Trevino & Captain Evil: The Podcast, which now has over 1 million views/streams. Truly a family affair, the special also features a short stand-up from their 5-year-old son, Garrett.

“I talk about life,” he says about his comedic topics. “I talk about what I’m going through with my wife, trying to raise a 5-year-old, having a 2-month-old, the quarantine — you know, everything.

“Everything I do onstage is about everyday life. I named one of my specials ‘Relatable’ because that’s what my comedy is. I’m a storyteller. This is what I’m going through now with my frustrations with my wife and marriage. Hopefully, it translates.”

Amazon recently picked up his fourth comedy special, “My Life in Quarantine,” which he released for a limited time through his website late last year.

“That’s very exciting, because we did it without waiting for any streaming service. We wanted to get it out straight to the fans,” he says.

“We were able to get it on Amazon, but now it’s on Netflix. At the end of the day, it’s a commercial. They can watch me and see if they want to see me when I’m in their city on tour.” 

Steve Trevino

When: Various times Thursday, Feb. 18, to Saturday, Feb. 20

Where: Stand Up Live, 50 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix

Info: 480-719-6100,