Cold as Ice: These ‘General Hospital’ stars reveal their true personalities |
Cold as Ice: These ‘General Hospital’ stars reveal their true personalities

Cold as Ice: These ‘General Hospital’ stars reveal their true personalities

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By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | September 3, 2021

Touring as “Stone Cold and the Jackal,” Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton know fans sometimes can’t grasp the real-life personalities of the “General Hospital” stars.

On screen, Burton’s character, Jason Morgan, is stoic or “stone cold,” while Anderson’s Damian Spinelli is comedy relief, juxtaposing surfer and web lingo.

The two will share an amalgamation of that when they come to Stand Up Live at 1 p.m. Sunday, September 12. The 90-minute show is filled with music and comedy based on the “GH” world, including stories; a discussion about their podcast, “That’s Awesome with Steve and Bradford”; an interactive Q&A and “a little bit of everything,” Anderson says.

“The difference between Steve at work and in person is he’s smiling and laughing,” Anderson says. “When we’re on the road, it’s all that. There isn’t a time when we’re doing our YouTube show or a live show when he isn’t smiling or laughing.”

With the “Stone Cold and the Jackal” tours, “GH” fans have learned a bit more about the duo, who are complete opposites on the show. With the expanded reach of their “Stone Cold and the Jackal” YouTube videos, Burton and Anderson’s personality are shining through.

“More people have stumbled onto the ‘Stone Cold and the Jackal,’” Anderson says. “They’re getting to know us in a different way.”

Anderson and Burton toured for 14 years, performing more than 40 sold-out shows. Prior to that, Burton met with fans on his own. Both have seen the stage performance evolve.

“Being on stage more, we’ve become more comfortable,” Burton says. “We’ve learned how to make things funnier and the timing of things. We’re always working on it, writing new material and seeing if that works.

“We don’t have a place to work out our shows, like comedians. Us working it out is the first time we’re doing it in front of 300 people. We hope it works. We also use each other as sounding boards. We are constantly trying to improve, and we’re just grateful people are coming out. I’ve said it a million times: ‘General Hospital’ is a huge part of all of our lives. It brings people together.”

Burton wants his fans to know that he’s generally a pretty positive, energetic person who he shares on stage.

“People don’t really understand that,” he says with a laugh. “To go there (playing Jason) is changing my mental space. I have to use little tricks to get me there. I’m not perceived as having a good time on the show.

“It’s my job, and I love doing it. I just go where I have to to play Jason.”

Pre-pandemic, Anderson and Burton regularly held meet and greets. However, with the Delta variant, it’s not possible. Instead, a Q&A session will be held.

“It’s essentially another hour show,” Anderson says. “People have been responding really well. You get a look at behind the scenes, personal lives. You never know what’s going to happen during the Q&A. People with VIP tickets get to spend two and a half hours with us.”

Stone Cold and the Jackal Tour

When: 1 p.m. Sunday, September 12

Where: Stand Up Live, 50 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix

Cost: $49 and $99

Info: 480-719-6100,