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Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Old vs. New, and fun Arizona surprises

No matter how long you live here, Arizona can still surprise and amaze you. Here are some photos from this last week that prove it. Old vs. New The juxtoposition of the brand new light rail...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Arizona’s Unnatural Wonders

Arizona offers no end of natural beauty. However, it also offers a lot of cool unnatural — i.e. man-made — sights. This week we're celebrating some stunning buildings and views. Arcosanti Situated to the north of Phoenix, Arcosanti originally...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Wonder women, an adorable tortoise, historic landmarks and more

This week we tracked down some great pictures of Phoenix history, and a possible glimpse into its future. You won't want to miss these. Ancient Abode This reconstruction of a dwelling from 1,500 years ago is...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Places to cool off and an Arizona dragon

According to the forecast, we could be headed into 120-degree weather next week. To combat that, we rounded up some shots of Arizona that might help you keep your cool. Deceptively pleasant When you aren't actually there...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Landscapes, history and sculpture

Take a break from the extreme heat and let these amazing photos spark your imagination. Whether you want to head north or back in time, just keep reading. Armor of the warrior This gorgeous collection of...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Fireworks, a smelly flower and the cutest Javelina

You might not get to look forward to fireworks this weekend, but that doesn't mean there aren't tons of great things to see in Arizona. Here are some of our favorite photos for this...
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: 10 jaw-dropping snaps of Arizona

From monsoons and the moon to a new Phoenix concert venue and Cardinals training, you don't want to miss these jaw-dropping photos. It's Friday! Time to jump for joy ... and possibly take a hike. "Tut, tut....
Foto Friday

Foto Friday: Cute animals, majestic cacti and more stunning photos

It might be a little dreary outside, so let's brighten things up with some amazing pictures of animals, cacti and the stunning Arizona landscape. Puppy love It's Friday! This weekend, strive to be as happy as...

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