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Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum's B-25 "Maid in the Shade"

Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum offers a remarkable journey through the early days of combat aviation with restored planes, historical personal artifacts and docents with plenty of jaw-dropping stories. The museum's collection — which...
Pithouse, Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Located on the largest preserved archaeological site within Phoenix city limits, the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park offers visitors a unique look at a 1,500-year-old Hohokam village. A short accessible trail allows you to view...
Heard Museum

Heard Museum

Heard Museum holds a place of honor as one of the Valley's top cultural attractions and a prime destination for learning about Native American arts and culture. Founded in 1929 with little recognition, it now...
ASU Art Museum at Nelson Fine Arts Center

ASU Art Museum

One of the older museums in the Valley — founded in 1950 — the Arizona State University Art Museum houses nearly 12,000 pieces reflecting a wide range of themes and styles. You can find contemporary art,...
Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix Art Museum

Founded in 1959, the Phoenix Art Museum now claims the title of largest art museum in the Southwest with more than 18,000 works on display and continually rotating world-class exhibits. The permanent collection covers just...
Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum

No one interested in music or other cultures should skip a visit to the Musical Instrument Museum, or "MIM" as we like to call it. Opened in 2010, it holds the title of "the...
Irish Cultural Center

Irish Cultural Center

You'd be hard pressed to find climates and building styles more dissimilar than Phoenix and Ireland, which makes the walk up to the Irish Cultural Center feel almost unreal. Despite the three-story castle-like library building being...
Scottsdale's Museum of the West

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

A visit to Scottsdale’s Museum of the West turns back the clock and immerses you in the Wild West. This huge, 43,000-square-foot museum opened its doors in January 2015 and features rotating exhibitions of Western art...

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