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Guru Nanak Dwara

Guru Nanak Dwara

As the longest continuously operating Sikh Gurdwara community in Arizona, Guru Nanak Dwara offers visitors a beautiful and peaceful place to meditate, or to simply learn about another culture. Founded in 1970 by Yogi Bhajan,...
St. Mary's Basilica

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Basilica

The Valley contains a number of churches from the early 1900s that are well worth a look. However, The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, more informally known as St....
Islamic Community Center of Tempe

Islamic Community Center of Tempe

Built in 1984 and designed to resemble the iconic Dome of the Rock, this gorgeous mosque at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe sits next to the Arizona State University campus and Tempe's Mill...
Culter-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center

Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center

Built in 1921 and now a historic landmark, the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center hosts regular faith- and community-related activities and events. These include a regular series of film screenings, lectures and talks, a book...
Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Temple

If you live in Mesa and are aware of its large Mormon population (one of the largest in the country), this entry won't be "unexpected," but "amazing" still fits. Completed in 1927, the Mesa Temple for...
COFCO Garden

COFCO Center

Situated to the north of Sky Harbor airport, the COFCO Center brings a taste of China to Phoenix starting with the traditional Chinese-style architecture and authentic Chinese garden on the grounds. The garden includes...
Irish Cultural Center

Irish Cultural Center

You'd be hard pressed to find climates and building styles more dissimilar than Phoenix and Ireland, which makes the walk up to the Irish Cultural Center feel almost unreal. Despite the three-story castle-like library building being...
Ro Ho En is beautiful even when the temps are soaring in summer.

Japanese Friendship Garden

Step into a slice of Japan at this exquisitely maintained 3.5-acre garden. It was built in the '90s and early 2000s as a representation of the link between Phoenix and its Sister City of...

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