By Nicholas Barker

A decade ago, Kole Calhoun was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the eighth round of the Major League Baseball draft. Today, he is a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks after joining his new team last December. The Buckeye Union High School and ASU alum is thrilled to return to Arizona.

The Diamondbacks are ending a season in which they will most likely want to forget. Last place in the National League West division and second to last in the National League. But Calhoun is still findings way to enjoy this unpredictable and unprecedented season. Recently, he returned to play in Anaheim against the Angels–his first games back after spending the last eight seasons there.

“This whole year is definitely a little bit different, but it is cool to be back to a place I spent a lot of time,” Calhoun says. “It’s going to be fun tonight playing against these guys, and I know a lot of them over there. Excited to get out on the field and just go out and have fun.”

And that is exactly what he did. In a season where Calhoun is not putting up his best numbers statistically, it was still a first game back to remember. Calhoun went 3-for-5 on the day, including a three-run home run, a two-run home run and five RBIs.

He also kept his hot hitting going into the second game of the series. He went 2-for-5 against his former teammates, including a two-run home run that helped cement the Diamondbacks win. As of September 26, Calhoun has 15 home runs.

Calhoun doesn’t think this season has been his best, but he still does thing he has swung the bat well.

“I feel like I have hit the ball pretty well,” Calhoun says. “I haven’t got a lot of balls to fall, which is not fun when you look up and you’re not really where you want to be or feel. But honestly, I think it has been a pretty good year.”

Calhoun, who ranks in the top 20 in home runs and 35 in RBIs, had a wonderful series against the Angels, and he even admitted before the series started that he had his eye on the matchup since the schedule was released.

“It’s definitely cool to be back,” Calhoun says. “I was looking forward to coming back here, and play in the Big A. It’s just somewhere that was home for a long time, and to get a chance to go back to a place you spent a lot of time, you look forward to it.”