Aggressive Stance: The Arizona Federal Theatre is new ground for DED |
Aggressive Stance: The Arizona Federal Theatre is new ground for DED

Aggressive Stance: The Arizona Federal Theatre is new ground for DED

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By Alex Gallagher | September 22, 2021

DED vocalist Joe Cotela has one goal on his band’s tour with Black Veil Brides, In This Moment and Raven Black. He wants to inspire aspiring musicians who are cutting their teeth on the Arizona Federal Theatre as well.

“It’s really cool to be able to shout out that we’re from around here and that we’ve gone on to do some really amazing things,” Cotela says. “I hope it’s inspiring to other people who are from Arizona as well.”

The Tempe-based nu-metal band is touring in support of its new single, “Kill Beautiful Things,” which Cotela describes as “more melodic.”

“I’m excited to show that side of us,” the former Ahwatukee resident and Corona Del Sol High School alumnus says. “I’m excited to integrate that song into such a high-energy set.”

The energy will be dispersed among songs like those from DED’s debut album “Mis-An-Thrope” and four new singles that will be included in a new album slated for October.

“We’re going to try to diversify the set list and have the favorites from ‘Mis-An-Thrope’ and then some of the new songs that will usher in the new sound,” Cotela says.

“We toured ‘Mis-An-Thrope’ for three years, and we feel like if people have seen us before they’ve already heard those songs, and it’s cool to get some new stuff out there.” 

That doesn’t mean that Cotela is any less thrilled about them.

“I’m always excited for ‘Anti-Everything’ and ‘Hate Me,’ which seem to be the favorites off of ‘Mis-An-Thrope,’” he says.

“I’m also excited to play ‘Parasite,’ which seems to be an early fan favorite off the new album.”

Cotela says DED’s music fits snugly with his tourmates’ songs.

“I think we mix in really well with the tour,” he says. “It’s a very visual tour where we all wear certain clothes and makeup. Every band is heavy but melodic at the same time.”

Since forming DED in 2016, Cotela says he feels fortunate to have played stages around the world. However, he is especially excited to play the Arizona Federal Theatre for the first time.

“We’ve played such cool venues all over the world, and to come and play such a big venue that I’ve seen so many shows at is killer,” he says.

“I’ve played a lot of the stages in Arizona, but this is the one that I’ve never stepped foot on, so it’s a new ground for us.” 

He admits, though, that the configuration of Arizona Federal Theatre will be a challenge.

“It’s a little weird for us, because we’re such an aggressive band,” he says. “We still do the same show at every venue, but it’s a little less inclusive because the fans can’t be as close with each other at a venue like that.”

Cotela has learned to adapt to venues like the Federal Theatre by eyeing the stage during soundcheck.

“I usually walk out for soundcheck and check out everything to see how I can utilize the environment,” he says. “I often just play to the environment, which can add something cool to the show or allows me to do something unique.” 

Even though DED is the support act, it plans to perform like a headliner.

“We always try to play like we’re the headliner no matter where or what time we play at,” Cotela says. “We always try to make the most out of our time and headline in our own right during that time we’re on stage.”

In This Moment and Black Veil Brides w/DED and Raven Black

When: 6 p.m. Thursday, September 30

Where: Arizona Federal Theatre, 400 W. Washington Street, Phoenix

Cost: $45 (limited tickets available)