Family and school

Most people would love to snag a reasonably priced home as long as it’s in good shape, in a decent area and offers a not-too-burdensome commute. However, families need to make another calculation: proximity to good schools.

To help you in that calculation, we bring you the Education and Real Estate Zip Code map by Dylan Patel, an honors Finance student at Arizona State University. It allows you to quickly see zip codes that offer a good balance of real estate price per square foot and good schools within 5 miles. Schools are rated using

Green colors indicates a good balance, yellow a less desirable balance and red something you might want to rethink. Gray areas don’t offer enough information to make a recommendation.


More ways to explore the zip code map:

Browse by zip code

To see a list of zip codes, click the expand icon in the upper-left corner of the map to bring out a slider on the left. Then under the “Zip Codes” section, click the down arrow to show the zip code. Click on any zip code to bring it up on the map.

See school district boundaries

Few people know off the top of their head where school district boundaries begin and end.

To see where those occur, click the expand icon in the upper-left corner of the map to bring out a slider on the left. Scroll down to the “Unified School Districts,” “Elementary School Districts” or “Secondary School Districts” layers and click the box to the left to make any one visible.

Click on an area of the map to see the district name, or click the downward arrow next to “All items” to see a list of cities. Click on a district to bring it up on the map.

Search the map

To search for attractions and other points of interest, click the “View larger map” icon in the upper-right corner of the map. This will open the map in a new tab. Then click the magnifying glass icon to perform your search.