How to score baseball

Have you ever seen a dedicated baseball fan at a game writing away like mad in a book and wondered what that was about? Many hardcore fans like to keep a record of the games they attend, and not just the final score.

A properly completed score book creates a play-by-play account of the game. It might come in handy for future reference, or you could end up recording a once-in-a-lifetime turnaround, a shutout or some historic play.

To help you get started in scoring baseball, we embedded an overview video below and you can find plenty more on YouTube.

Note: Many of the best instructional videos are geared toward scorekeepers in Little League, but the same principles apply to adult baseball. While you can buy score books, we also include some links at the bottom of the page to free score sheets you can download.

Free scorecards

Baseball Almanac makes scorecards available in multiple formats. We recommend downloading the PDF versions for easier printing (Note: the files download as zip files. If you don’t know how to deal with zip files, look at the next option). The first one will be better for first-timers while the second offers more spots for advanced stats. offers a plethora of sports-related printables, including a baseball score sheet. You get a nice basic layout, but it offers a bit more room to write than the ones above. It also doesn’t require any downloads; you print right from online.