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Phoenix freeway

5 hassles every Phoenix car owner experiences – and the solutions

There are many, many things we love about living in the Valley. However, car ownership isn't always one of them. Despite the Valley Metro bus...
Farmer's market

10 Valley farmers markets for fresh food and fun

A true win-win, farmers markets allow local vendors to sell their produce and other homegrown products while shoppers benefit from buying their food straight...
Lux Coffee

Switch up the scene: 5 unique Phoenix bars

The Valley crushes it when it comes to quirky spots you won’t find anywhere else, especially those of the wining and dining variety. If...
Dobbins Lookout at South Mountain

5 climbs for hardcore hikers

You conquered all the Valley's easy and intermediate hikes and now want a challenge that really puts your legs and lungs to the test. You're...

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