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air conditioner’s warning signs

Heed an air conditioner’s warning signs

The 100-plus degree days have arrived, marking the beginning of air conditioning season. Air conditioners can fail at any time. “Some of the warning signs...
buying a home

5 things not to do when buying a home

One of the first things you want to do before looking for a house is get pre-qualified by a mortgage lender. However, getting pre-approved for...

Technology makes cooling down a little easier

By Sherry Jackson It’s pool season here in the East Valley. So, whether you’re buying a new home equipped with a pool, having one constructed...
Smart home

The smart way to build your smart home

By Justin Ferris   You’ve got your trusty smartphone, your too-big-for-the-room smart TV and maybe a smart thermostat. So why not take the leap and smart-ify...