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Living in the Valley

two fans blowing dollar banknotes in concrete room. 3d rendering

Not cool: AC unit ownership costs about to skyrocket

As temperatures soar across the Valley, so is the cost of keeping aging heat pumps working for area homeowners. Regardless of whether homeowners are trying...
Air conditioning units

AC advice: Keep costs down as you keep cool

Unlike houses in other parts of the country, virtually every home in Phoenix features built-in air conditioning. People couldn't survive the summer without it....
Scam alert

Moving this summer? Don’t fall for these mover scams

Despite the high temperatures — and the real risk of heat stroke during outdoor activities — summer remains the busiest moving season in Phoenix. To avoid...
Lazy River

Arizona mansion lets you live in your very own resort

A stay at a tropical resort might be magical, but at some point you need to return home to reality. Unless, of course, you...