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bulk trash for collection at roadside

Spring Cleaning: How to easily dispose of furniture, appliances and other bulk trash

You finally decided to bid a fond farewell to that ratty old couch, recliner, mattress, appliance or other bulk trash household item. However, it clearly won't fit in your standard garbage can and you probably don't want...
Lux Coffee

Switch up the scene: 5 unique Phoenix bars

The Valley crushes it when it comes to quirky spots you won’t find anywhere else, especially those of the wining and dining variety. If you’re looking for a new place to call home for...
Dobbins Lookout at South Mountain

5 climbs for hardcore hikers

You conquered all the Valley's easy and intermediate hikes and now want a challenge that really puts your legs and lungs to the test. You're in luck! The Valley offers several hikes that really crank...

Top 5 reasons to go to Spring Training games

Need a reason to attend a Spring Training game? You may not need convincing, but if you do here's why you should hit some of the 10 ballparks and watch a few of the...
Papago Park

The Climb: 5 fairly easy hikes for beginners in the Valley

Ranked as one of the best hiking cities in America by National Geographic, the Phoenix area offers plenty of sloped ground to cover. That's great for the experienced hiker, but it leaves a novice hikers...

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